New Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and Mercedes-AMG SL 65
4 years ago

New Mercedes-AMG SL 63 and Mercedes-AMG SL 65

The Mercedes-Benz SL 2016 presents its new range to the full in the living Room of a Los Angeles 2015. The models signed by AMG will also be present from the start of your marketing, keeping the two versions already known that they differ mainly in the engine, both with boost biturbo: V8 or V12, you choose.

there are No new developments mechanical: starting with the Mercedes-AMG SL 63 by 2016, he continues to present the V8 Biturbo engine of 5.5 liters, developing 585 HP and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. In the Mercedes-AMG SL 65 2016 we still find ourselves with more cache, thanks to the twelve-cylinder V-6.0 liters, in this case, with 630 HP and a brutal maximum torque of 1,000 Nm.

exterior design, Mercedes SL AMG 2016 incorporate very similar changes to the rest of the range, highlighting the new front more refined and sporty. In their rear we find a new diffuser aerodynamic, while the sides of the skirts below are silver on the SL 63 and chrome on the SL 65.

In your alloy wheels, there are more differences between the two. Each version has its own footwear: the SL 63 AMG incorporates 19-inch alloy wheels and ten spokes, finished in titanium, with tyres 255/35 R19 (front axle) and 285/35 R19 (rear axle). In the case of the SL 65 AMG, this includes different tires and your rear axle are 20 inch, with tires 285/30 R20.

could Not miss a inside specially customized by AMG, with steering wheel Performance flattened bottom, sport seats, moldings, carbon fiber, analog clock IWC, and specific instrumentation. The speedometer reaches 320 km/h in the SL 63 AMG and the 360 km/h in the SL 65 AMG, although the maximum speed is lower: with the pack optional Driver AMG increases the limitation electronics up to 300 km/h.

Both models incorporate of series automatic change – SPEEDSHIFT MCT (SL 63) and SPEEDSHIFT Plus 7G-TRONIC (SL 65), with seven speeds and possibility of manual operation through the paddles in steering wheel, now made of aluminum. The operation of this change has been optimized in its electronic and is now faster, especially in “Sport Plus’.

components multi-link suspension of the SL AMG’s are manufactured in the most part in aluminum, and this has a setting specific more sporty and active control of series. Using the system AMG Driving Select are five different modes of driving (Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, Individual and Race), which act on the response of the engine, and change. And to ensure maximum traction, both models have a series of a limited-slip differential mechanic in the y-axis trasero.

Modelo Potencia Average Consumption CO2 Emissions Maximum Speed 0-100 km/h
Mercedes-AMG SL 63 585 HP at 5,500 rpm Between a 9.8 and 10.1 litres/100 km Between 229 and 234 g/km 250 km/h (300 km/h with pack AMG Driver) 4,1 seconds
Mercedes-AMG SL 65 630 HP at 5,500 rpm 11.9 liters/100 km 279 g/km 250 km/h (300 km/h with pack AMG Driver) 4.0 seconds

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