Mercedes will be the first manufacturer with particulate filters on petrol engines
4 years ago

Mercedes will be the first manufacturer with particulate filters on petrol engines

Mercedes will set a precedent in the automobile industry in the emissions of gasoline engines is concerned. The mark of the star has announced that it will be the first car manufacturer in the installr particulate filters on gasoline engines. Up to now, and it is obligatory since 2011, particle filters have been exclusively diesel engines, at times generating several problems to users that travel by city.

Mercedes already has spent more than two years conducting tests with particulate filters on petrol engines. After having tested this technology to raise awareness regarding the Mercedes S 500, it will be the saloon representation of the mark the first model to incorporate particle filters in versions petrol. The implementation will begin shortly, when it is submitted the restyling of the Mercedes S-Class.

The Mercedes S-Class will be the first car to incorporate a particulate filter in gasoline engines

But this technology is not exclusive of the Class S. Subsequently will be introducing new models and in the revisions of the current models. Although some gasoline engines of Mercedes already emit less particulate matter than trademark law to regulations in the future, the germans want to reduce them to the maximum.

In engines with gasoline direct injection, which they are slowly doing away from indirect, and in addition supercharged, dan high temperatures in the combustion chambers that generate the greatest number of particles that, for example, a naturally aspirated engine with indirect injection. The function of the particle filters is to retain in the exhaust, preventing it from emitting to the atmosphere. The filter traps the particles for later, when it senses a high saturation of the same, burned by using high temperatures to turn them into gases are not harmful for health.

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