Mercedes Sprinter 2018, new photos during their tests
4 years ago

Mercedes Sprinter 2018, new photos during their tests

The new generation of the Mercedes Sprinter has begun to take its first steps recently. In fact, it was a couple of months ago when we discovered the firsts images of the mule testing and there we are again, burning stages of its development with an eye to their arrival in 2018.

The new Sprinter will be the third generation boxcar German, all a success of sales with more than 2.8 million units sold worldwide since its launch back in 1995. This is why Mercedes-Benz will continue to keep variants of all tastes to adapt to the needs of the clients, one of the keys to its prestige.

As is already the case with the current model, the future Sprinter will be manufactured in the factories of German in Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde. The German brand will be a major change to the aesthetics with the intention to demonstrate that a commercial vehicle you can also look modern and appealing design.

The main innovations reside in the front, which still remains hidden by the dense camouflage of this unit evidence captured by the lens of our photographer spy. Totally transform over the current model to offer a sleek look similar to the Mercedes Class V. For this reason, hood, bumper, and groups to optimal will be completely new.

there will Also be a qualitative leap in the interior, with a cabin much more refined and comfortable in addition to showing off new technologies of comfort and safety. Of course, the load capacity will not be neglected and will offer more space. The range of this Mercedes will be composed of variants with different lengths, heights and body types.

In the section mechanical the spine will be formed by the engine turbo CDi, although in some markets it will also be available with engine of petrol. Of series the Sprinter 2018 will have propulsion back leaving the all-wheel drive as an optional element in the mechanical more powerful.

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