Mercedes CLS-2018: a new look at the generation that is coming up
6 years ago

Mercedes CLS-2018: a new look at the generation that is coming up

Photo spy of the Mercedes CLS 2018.

If just a few days ago we were able to take a first look at the successor to the current Mercedes CLS-Class, today we will show you some new spy photos in which you can see the same unit tests, but with better lighting. In these past few weeks has been talking about the new Mercedes CLS could change the name and pass to be called the Mercedes CLE. Is more, so we discussed it in our spy photos above. However, as we will see later will not be so, and the new generation of the CLS-Class will continue to have the same name.

On an aesthetic level, the new generation of the Mercedes CLS will have to suffer more an evolution than a revolution. We will have a design continuity that, while it will introduce many changes, we anticipate that we will maintain the current base. If we look at the model in these spy photos, the greater amount of camouflage focuses on the behind, and that is where the Mercedes will be a greater number of modifications.

on the other hand, the new Mercedes CLS 2018 will be marketed exclusively with body four-door coupé, leaving aside the variant Shooting Brake that we can currently find it at dealers. The low sales have been weighed down this family with true sporting character that has not finished to set.

The new generation of the Mercedes CLS will continue to maintain its current name.

¿When it will come to the market? is Still in a phase of development very early (this is the second time that our photographers have managed to get the hang of it), so don’t just wait for a short period of time. Its launch will take place in some time in the year 2018 although it is still early to drill down on a date more concrete. Will have to wait.

how Mercedes CLS or CLE?

In the spy photos above that we publish the successor to the current Mercedes CLS we have been commenting on the fact that the mark of the star could opt for rename and baptize the new model as a Class Mercedes CLE. What is more, in the last few weeks all over the world took it for granted that it would be so. However, and after talking with some sources, we have come to the conclusion that the new Mercedes CLS will continue to have the same name.

He had considered the possibility of that happen to be called the Mercedes CLE.

Between the Mercedes Class CLA which measures 4,64 meters long and the Mercedes CLS-Class whose length amounted to 4,93 metres, there is enough space for introduce a new model. In addition, it would make a lot of sense because that could compete with other proposals in the segment that we found under the brand BMW, or Audi. For example, we have the Audi A5 Sportback that is working very well at the level of sales.

The logical thing would be that the hollow was occupied by the new Mercedes CLC, however, the sales of the previous generation were a disaster, and it is quite feasible that the German manufacturer will opt to use a new name for the model, and thus do not make reference to the recent past that has had. In any case, its release scheduled for the end of this decade could again be delayed.

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