Mega Cruiser Russia, Russian SUV that laughs in the face of the Land Cruiser
4 years ago

Mega Cruiser Russia, Russian SUV that laughs in the face of the Land Cruiser

They say everything is bigger in America. But often we forget the Soviet Union, say, Russia. It is Russia which has the huge vehicle that occupies your screens. It is called Mega Cruiser Russia . Basically a craft SUV built on the basis of a former Soviet military truck. The cover photo is not casual: see the size it is Toyota Land Cruiser 200 to his side. It looks like a toy. Because in Russia do not go around with nonsense for SUVs or trucks. And you know it.

all started with an ancient GAZ -066

Although want to look like a tourist, is a camouflaged military truck in a suit of SUV .

A Russian acquired a ancient GAZ -066 of military origin and decided to transform it into what would end up becoming the Mega Cruiser Russia. Of GAZ used his chassis, axles and tires, but the other pieces were created by hand or extracted from other vehicles. For example, the engine is no longer the heavy diesel GAZ . It is a propeller atmospheric 7.5 liter diesel donated by a Hino truck – Toyota Group – which also donated a transmission six relations. Manual gearbox, how could it be otherwise.

Its maximum speed is low (just over 140 km / h), but at least has a modest consumption: 13.5 l / 100 km . Not bad considering that this monster weighs 3.5 tons. An excessive weight does not seem considering that measures 5.8 meters long and 2.3 meters, both width and height. Its grille is formed by two calenders Toyota Land Cruiser. The interior is a Isuzu truck. The doors are a modern van GAZ . Optical, rear window and rear lights are a Mitsubishi Delica.

What is surprising is that it seems a well built despite being handmade car . And it seems very capable. Ideal if you live in Siberia, such as its creator. The truth is that it seems an indestructible vehicle, capable of both face the Russian winters like climbing a wall of rocks. If ever the zombie apocalypse comes, the Mega Cruiser hit Russia where a single Land Cruiser – a real status symbol in Russia – can not reach. We leave a gallery in high resolution below.

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Source: Inglés Russia
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