Mazda3 2017, the first filtered image
6 years ago

Mazda3 2017, the first filtered image

Filtering the aspect of the Mazda 3 2017

It filters the first image in the Mazda3 2017. Named Alexa in other markets, the compact japanese unveils his new design before of time through this image that seems straight out of a sales brochure. The model has not yet been submitted but the leaking of the official material means that you should not spend too much time until it happens.

Only shows us the front in which we observe changes not too deep: new grille of similar design, with the logo of Mazda, located a little further down to not interfere with the silhouette of the same, the chrome frame now extends only to touch the headlights, with the possibility of equip technology Full LED, in place of overlap on them. In addition, the bumpers received a redesign that is more evident in the holes that are located in the fog.

From this image we also note that the mirror housings now incorporate the lights of the jerkiness. As usual, the changes will not only remain here, but shall extend to the rear and the passenger compartment, including improvements in the computer and multimedia refinement the range of engines.

The Mazda3 is available in Spain from 17.750 € to make the body compact, five-door or from 20.325 € for the Mazda3 in sedan body.

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