Loeb, Solberg and a Toyota Yaris R5… What will get Mäkinen?
4 years ago

Loeb, Solberg and a Toyota Yaris R5… What will get Mäkinen?

Toyota Gazoo Racing presented its sports projects in Japan. The great start of the season 2016 of the formation that unifies the athletic programs of Toyota and Lexus had several key moments, while the section dedicated to the return of Toyota to the WRC in 2017 he made clear two things. Tommi Mäkinen is the most responsible and the one who carries the voice singer on the hiring of pilots, on the development of the Yaris WRC and on the schedule of the project in terms of logistics. For his part, TMG is responsible for the development of the engine 1.6 Turbo adapted to the new technical regulations of the World.

Nothing new under the sun, except for the fact get to know the new colors of the Toyota Yaris WRC, which unifies their livery in relation to the corporate colors of the rest of the projects. With the first test planned for march, more doubts arise about the pilots that will take the weight of the development of the World Rally Car japanese and you will be taken to the competition in 2017. In this aspect, Tommi Mäkinen wants to have the best on the market, and before the contracts are shielded from the majority of riders, aims to recover Sébastien Loeb and Petter Solberg for the cause.

it is Not an easy undertaking. Sébastien Loeb is a pilot Peugeot and after his great role in the Dakar 2016 does not seem to be their priority return to the WRC. French is a pilot ambitious and left after with the thorn of not being able to succeed in the WTCC, it is not likely to return to repeat a similar episode in the Dakar. More possible is the hiring of Petter Solberg. The double Champion of the World RX is crazy about to return to the World Rally with a project officer. With more doubts than certainties of face-to 2016, the Norwegian wants a new opportunity.

Of time, Mikko Hirvonen will carry the weight of development of the Toyota
Yaris WRC, while Tommi Makinen has already undertaken the first
conversations with Petter Solberg
. Only time will tell if they crystallize
intentions, but at stake is not only to have a pilot of
guarantees to work on the World Rally Car, or to lead the
project that will take three Yaris WRC to the World from the Rally
Monte carlo, 2017. You can also be in play to have a pilot
develop a future Toyota Yaris R5. Like other manufacturers, Toyota considers this to be an interesting option market.

In this aspect, Mäkinen and TMG agree to develop a Yaris R5,
project that have the green light from Toyota Motor Company. The
conclusion is that for now there is to wait to see the situation
of the market and follow in terms of logic. Tommi Mäkinen believes that
once the Yaris WRC is in full competition will be the moment of
undertake the evolution of an R5 version of the Yaris for a program
, as it has already begun to make Hyundai Motorsport.

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