Lemmy Kilmister and the car: a story of love and hate
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Lemmy Kilmister and the car: a story of love and hate

This night has left us the great Lemmy Kilmister. Frontman of Motörhead, and even 70 years, one of the people who best represented the traditional spirit of rock and roll. His death by a sudden cancer has left you shaken the world of music, but his band mates and friends insist that we remember to Lemmy for what he was and how he lived. And go if he lived. Interestingly, in his life there were few cars. Mr. Rock and Roll had an aversion to be noticed by cars, and the reason why is pretty amazing.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. In the life of Lemmy Kilmister there was no gap for the cars, surprisingly.

Lemmy Kilmister not touched a car since the year 1966. At that time there was not even founded Motörhead, but had already made their first steps into the world of rock and roll. The Rockin’ Vickers was the name of his band, who enjoyed moderate success in the conservative England of the 60’s. Lemmy had a driving license and had been the owner of several cars. In an interview in 2012, acknowledged that the cars were not for him. “Much of what we worry about and many things likely to break“, in their own words.

But there were some events that occurred in 1966, which would put an end to his race car. With the money he earned in The Rockin’ Vickers, acquired a brand new Chevrolet Coupe 1952. A fantastic coupe american power-assisted steering, radio, hydraulic brakes and a waste of design. In her interview, Red Bull Motorsport, Lemmy joked with the state of the automotive industry british of the time. “In 1952 us we made the Ford Popular, while the americans were producing these cars“.

In his brand-new Chevrolet used to bring his band and their fans. Until there you can read.

By the Chevrolet Coupe paid in 1966 to a whopping 36 pounds, then a good sum of money. Its lustrous Chevrolet had an automatic change, and Lemmy was just used to the manual changes. The little bit of it, engaged reverse gear instead of forward gear and crashed into a wall. It may be that alcohol or drugs had something to do with it. Be that as it may, drove the car sputtering up to a gas station, handed over his keys to “an uncle” and he never returned to drive a car in his life.

Maybe Lemmy realized that his style of life was not well with the handling of a vehicle, and from then on he always used taxis and chauffeurs. Since a few years ago I lived in Los Angeles for tax reasons, a country where a car is directly essential to move. “the americans are good at carrying people on car,“ joked Lemmy. “The cars are great to move around, but they are not for me“. Lemmy Kilmister, rocker concerned with the safety of other drivers.

Source: Red Bull Motorsport
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