Kia Picanto 2015 in time in Korea with 1.0 turbo engine
4 years ago

Kia Picanto 2015 in time in Korea with 1.0 turbo engine

Yesterday we brought you a first leaked pictures of restyling of Kia Picanto Kia Morning in Korea, but the release is official. Currently in Korea, arrives Kia Picanto 2015 , an update that stays cool model and which, as previously discussed, arrives with new image and new mechanics .

The aesthetic section is most subtle, almost all efforts center on the front, which premieres bumper, fog lights and grill amending its image with rounded edges. Behind the bumper while renewing pilots update their image. One new color palette and new tires is also added.

The interior, which yesterday seemed to be nothing new happens to be one of the protagonists. Despite maintaining the same aspect, seems to have Improved materials and finishes . In turn, added equipment, among which stands a multimedia system with touch screen large and Internet connectivity.

But the biggest gamble that has the Kia Picanto 2015 is housed under the hood. Comes the first mechanical turbo to the Picanto range, and make a block 1.0 TCi with a power 106 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque . It will, without doubt, the most interesting response and performance option.

block 1.0 Basic , meanwhile, is also updated. Even not counting overfeeding, changes from the previous 69 horses offer now 78 horses what undoubtedly will improve performance for a basic version.

Kia has not yet announced its Picanto 2015 for Europe, although it is assumed that the modifications are scarce against the Korean model. His arrival to the European market should perhaps be made after the summer, presenting to the public in the next Geneva in March.

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