Jeep prepares an SUV for the segment, which could be based on the Fiat Panda
4 years ago

Jeep prepares an SUV for the segment, which could be based on the Fiat Panda

A new crossover below the Jeep Renegade would be in the plans of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Could be based on the Fiat Panda.

Lhe first rumors about an SUV smaller than the Jeep Renegade started in 2015, when there was talk of a crossover that would be based on the platform of the Fiat Panda. At that time the proposal did not materialize and now, once again, the idea is once again in force thanks to the statements of the CEO of the brand Mike Manley.

Manley said that Jeep is studying the possibility of launching a new model, which will be located below the Renegade, that once more will become the smaller version of the brand. The Jeep Renegade was one of the bets of Sergio Marchionne to try to improve the benefits of Jeep, placing the brand in a segment up to that time unknown. But the success of the model encouraged the company to continue betting on this niche market, and there is where it would fit in this new model that would be launched.

according to the statements of Manley, the decision on the viability of this new SUV-size subcompact will be taken this year, so that its arrival on the market could be closer than expected if the model finally has the green light to enter production. However it is likely that this will not occur before the start of the next decade, at which time arriving at the generational change in the current Renegade.

is once again to become a force the idea that the model of Jeep will share a platform with the Panda, although in this occasion it will be with their next generation that is planned for 2020, and among its novelties will premiere a new mechanical hybrid will make use of a system of mcrohibridación of 48 volts and for the first time say goodbye definitively to the diesel engines. In addition, as is usual, will be available on the system of traction to the four wheels in the later versions equipped.

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