“It was was once an AMG spoiler GT to a stuck”: first images of Mercedes-AMG GT3
4 years ago

“It was was once an AMG spoiler GT to a stuck”: first images of Mercedes-AMG GT3

Before us the new weapon for Mercedes circuits, the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 variant dedicated to competition arising from the new Mercedes-AMG GT. In a few days we will see the Geneva , but we can already see the first images succeed Manager gullwing on paths around the world.

The elegant image AMG GT stays aside to make way for a series of new aerodynamic additions to a widened body dressed for splitter, sills, a new hood, canards, rear diffuser and of course a huge spoiler at its rear, as well GT3 it is.

In his inside also revealed in these first images has been replaced all surface component to make way for the corresponding bars roll cage, a new digital panel, a spectacular wheel, the bucket of rigor and lots of carbon fiber .

still have to wait for all the technical details of this new Mercedes-AMG GT3 . Recall that the model of “street” has V8 4 .0 Biturbo in two power levels, with a variant of 462 horses and another 510 horses , with prices starting from 141,800 euros and 163,400 euros respectively.

follows closely al AMG GT3 in Diariomotor Competition

Fellow of Diariomotor Competition also eagerly await the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG GT3 , so do not hesitate to visit for all the details when Mercedes unveil. In Diariomotor You can read all the details AMG GT while fellow Diariomotor Competition follow very closely to this version GT3 :

  • Mercedes continues slowly teaching us the AMG GT3

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