It confirmed! The new Opel Corsa will arrive in 2019 with a platform of PSA
3 years ago

It confirmed! The new Opel Corsa will arrive in 2019 with a platform of PSA

The most important news of the automobile industry in the year so far has been the purchase of Opel by PSA. General Motors sold to the French manufacturer is a brand that, while results of sales in Europe are still pretty good, led him to lose significant amounts of money annually.

Many questions we’ve made in these weeks, especially for the Opel Corsa. The model of the B-segment approaches the end of its commercial life, so Opel should already be developing and testing the successor model. Upon the occurrence of this important change with the German mark, the future of the Corsa was in the air. How would using platform and technologies from GM? What would be developed finally by PSA? we Already have the answer.

The new generation of the Opel Corsa (known as the Opel Corsa F) will arrive in 2019 with the platform of the French group. As is logical, a new vehicle does not develop overnight, nor in a few months, there has been delayed approximately a year, the launch plan of your next generation.

do Not think that is the first model that will carry the logo of Opel, but that it has been developed on a platform of PSA. Without going more far, the Opel Crossland X we met in the month of march, it already takes the base of the French group by a partnership agreement earlier. Also the Opel GrandLand X.

Many people will think the purchase of Opel by PSA is not good news for the end consumer, while others think the opposite. The case is that sharing technologies and platforms between brands, as we have seen in the Volkswagen Group, it helps to reduce costs and, therefore, selling prices. Yes, it is also true that it seems that the only differences between some cars and others are simply aesthetic.

To finish, a very important data for the Spanish industrial sector is that this model will continue to occur in the plant Spanish Figueruelas, Zaragoza; so that the factory’s Spanish maintains its stability.

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