Is there a site for a Toyota C-HR convertible? So it would be your design
3 years ago

Is there a site for a Toyota C-HR convertible? So it would be your design

This is the aspect that would have a hypothetical Toyota C-HR, what do you think?

From the Toyota C-HR was presented at society back in the month of march during the Geneva motor show 2016, much has been talked and speculated about this crossover global in which Toyota has been working and hopes to do versus models from the likes of the Nissan Qashqai, Audi Q3 or the new Peugeot 4008, among many others. However, there are still many details that we do not know of this model.

Now, while we hope to be able to solve the mysteries which still fly over the new C-HR, in Engine.is we want to anticipate the aspect that would have a future and hypothetical variant of the above-mentioned crossover. In particular, we talked about the aspect that would have a Toyota C-HR Cabrio. Is there room in the range for a variant convertible? With this recreation, we show the aspect of that would be. And the truth, we did not dislike anything.

Would keep all the line and distinctive design that has the Toyota C-HR. Yes, with the possibility of being able to lead to an open roof letting the air can rock our hair in a summer afternoon. In terms of the type of ceiling that I would use, it is clear that to materialise, Toyota would opt for one of canvas, because afterwards, we would speak of a lower loss of load carrying capacity of the luggage compartment and a smaller increase in weight.

So it looks live the Toyota C-HR during his presentation at the Geneva motor show 2016.

what A twist of the Nissan Murano CrossCabrio?

If we have to look for some counterpart or predecessor of this hypothetical Toyota C-HR Cabrio (in the case that they will materialize) without doubt could be the above-mentioned Nissan Murano CrossCabrio. It is a variant convertible of the well-known Murano. A model that is marketed in the u.s. market and the second generation enjoyed this variant convertible.

Nissan Murano CrossCabrio was introduced at the Auto show Los Angeles 2010, and even though their sales are not joined (they stopped selling in April of 2014), it is clear that it would be a mirror in which the C-HR Cabrio that you anticipate with this recreation could look to catch a glimpse of the future that we might expect.

And although it is clear that the market niche where a Toyota C-HR Cabrio would have to move is too small (not to mention elitist), the truth is that a server cannot deny their curiosity to see a model of these characteristics in vivo and circulating on our roads. In any case, first we’ll have to wait to reveal the rest of the details of the new C-HR. As for example, its interior.

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