Interview with Davide Cironi

Interview with Davide Cironi
5 years ago

Interview with Davide Cironi

Davide Cironi, the Italian passionate tester who delights us cars from its channel in Youtube Drive Experience, agreed to grant us an interview in which he tells us some of the secrets of their videos.


A Davide Cironi knew him thanks to one of their videos reached Petrolicious. This was a test on a Autobianchi A112 Abarth as only 70 horsepower, but Davide great personality and passion he showed in this video managed to arouse our curiosity .

A little later we learned that Davide owns a YouTube channel to which called Davide Cironi Drive Experience , which is dedicated to test drive several of the classic industry more recently, especially since the late 1970s well into the 1990. Although his specialty is related to cars manufactured in Italy, is also found in its usual channel, videos with cars from other regions, as well as some evidence comparisons of several hatchbacks more spicy 1990s, which will surely make you dream to those over 30.

Of course there is also room for supercars in their trials other times, including no shortage of turbo Ferrari 208 GTB Ferrari 512 BB Ferrari Testarossa or classics like the Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Lancia, Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior, Maserati Biturbo or some more recent as Alfa Romeo SZ, Renault Clio Williams, Renault 5 Turbo 2 Ford Focus RS Mk2 and simpler as Autobianchi A112 Abarth, Fiat Uno Turbo or Alfa Romeo Alfetta , among many others.

Given our curiosity decided to contact him and a willingness Davide agreed to grant us an interview which is reproduced below.

Davide Cironi has a channel on YouTube, which made him very popular among fans of Italian cars.

The enthusiasm that you show your videos is unique, and it is clear to see that you’re doing something you like. How did you come up the idea of ??making a YouTube channel specializing in cars?

There is nothing that makes me happier in the world to drive a car that could potentially kill me. It’s something inexplicable beauty. I do not like too much talking while driving, but also could not bear that in Italy no one was able to tell a good story about certain cars.

Is that truly are among the most neglected countries in terms of the motoring press and it was just a matter of bringing my knowledge gained as an instructor for Ferrari in Maranello and technical video. Then I said, I do, from my own point of view and my own taste, I know how passionate you would like to see


Instructor of Ferrari in Maranello, how did that happen?

It was by chance. I made by mistake a favor for a stranger, who later proved to be a collector friend of Ferrari. To thank me, this person offered me a ride in a Ferrari. When I was asked to choose the car among all the new range, I refused saying that my first time with a Ferrari could not be with one having the gearbox with paddles behind the wheel. He was impressed and after me try his 550 Maranello staff equipped with manual transmission, offered me a job as an instructor for tourists in Maranello climb aboard the brand products. Just because I made that choice I gave that man confident enough to gain access to work as an instructor at Ferrari.

There are many people making videos in Youtube and many of them are very popular. You seem to have a good eye to choose among the most prominent icons of the recent automotive industry and with that you manage to make a difference to others. Was that your idea when you started the Drive Experience?

not look much channels on Youtube, since most of them bore me, especially those related to carspotter. However, I really like the British style EVO journalists or Coach and I think Chris Harris is a great driver and a great presenter. And then there is my favorite Petrolicious, when I was called to work with them put me very happy.

Speaking of people making videos of cars, you know that the channel / Drive ceased to be free and that Chris Harris left / Drive to make your own channel freely accessible, which now accepts donations. How is your business model, banners Youtube are enough to keep your business running?

is very, very difficult for a job like this fruit, I get tired than when Young was operator or waiter, but at least now I wake up in the morning with a big smile. I work hard because my ultimate goal is to buy an F40, but for now I still miss about one million euros.

The cars you drive in your videos are in one way or another very special. Do you have to go looking for people or contacts you to offer your vehicles?

I must reject at least ten cars a day, I get offers great cars, but unfortunately did not have time to try them all, in fact the true owners Favorite insist are those just getting my attention and ended testing their cars. However some I seek, in very special cases and do everything to achieve we get, but is not the most common.

It is noted that evidence such as cars should be tested, but his owners complain then see the videos?

The owners often attend the test session with my staff and just enjoying themselves immensely. But I notice before their cars will be used in the manner for which they were built, so or they are okay with that or else the video will be as boring as many others that can be seen on Youtube or on the TV. Even the owners to always encourage me to run a little more, especially when they are on the car with me during breaks in the recording.

‘Several of the cars I tested divided me much, but the 600 hp Ford Escort terrified me’.

I notice that your enthusiasm when you tried an old Alfa Romeo Giulia was a little further than normal What is the car that more you like of all who’ve tried so far?

That Giulia was mine and during the video seemed drugged since sold it the next day and wanted to drive until your last liter of fuel. It seemed crazy at that video and today I am ashamed when I return to see it, but it shows a real thrill. But I have more fun were the Striker 512BBi VTEC and Ferrari, but also the Ford Sierra Cosworth, the Alfa Romeo SZ, Alfa Romeo and Maserati GTAm 4.2 Coupe. However was the Ford Escort 600 horsepower who managed to terrorize. But all I listed you have ended up being a great experience.

Have you tried many cars, but have not tried my personal favorite: the Abarth 1000TC Berlina Corsa. Do you have plans to try some of the Abarth 600 based on?

We are planning something you’ll like.

know edited from Argentina. What is your opinion about the two Argentines who created some of the icons of the Italian automobile industry? I mean Alejandro De Tomaso and Horacio Pagani

The truth that is too extensive to discuss it in an interview like this topic, but I’ll make a video related to both, since both cars are so similar in some ways and in others totally opposite. Certainly both the Pagani Zonda as the De Tomaso Pantera GTS are dreamed in my car.

‘A beautiful car like the 159, with the mechanics and chassis of the new Giulia sedan would have been the best selling in history’.

What is your opinion about Sergio Marchionne and the way in which it is handling the fate of the brands under the umbrella of Fiat?

Marchionne has committed many errors and has admitted. The new Giulia and 4C are two good excuses that I can readily accept and I think it should make all fans of the brand. I hope you do not make other mistakes and Alfa Romeo returns on track in the 147, 156 and 166, but with traction in the right place and above all to return to the competition!.

Think you let die Lancia was the right decision?

No. That was the easiest solution, carried out by businessmen.

are still all surprised about the Ferrari 510 hp engine of the new Giulia. But, what is your opinion about your design ?. Some say that if you put a BMW emblem nobody would notice it an Alfa Romeo.

I made a video where I explain. They could have done more beautiful, more Italian and although I like to be aggressive, it shows that there has been designed the same way as the 156 or 159. A beautiful car like the 159, with the mechanics and chassis of the new Giulia had been become the best-selling sedan in history. Sooner or later I will arm 156 GTA rear-wheel drive and 300 hp.

is you’re doing work for some international media as Petrolicious. I guess the press of your country should be following very closely what you’re doing. Think you consider your job as a threat or a serious competition?

Both. Since I am independent, I say what I want and this can be a problem for those who have something to hide. I certainly appreciated more abroad, where I am the crazy Italian and runaway cars online testing. But here in Italy everything is very difficult when it comes to racing, we just do the best cars in the world, we do not know to appreciate it. Here politics ruins the country in all fields.

I have contacted from the most important means of Italy, but so far not accepted any.

Are any of them willing to get your services or hire you?

Many of the most important, most have contacted me and offered me a job, even in important programs of television. But I always said no, arrive where I want and how I want, without bow down to the commitments that ultimately just ruin the true passion

So you’d rather keep being your own boss.

Absolutely. I can work with everyone, but I can not put myself under the orders of none.

Drive Experience is already a reference point. How do you think it will evolve in the future, you are planning to take it to new platforms?

Yes, of course. It could accept the television, but keeping the format as it is now, that is pure passion and not plegándome to laws of the market, I’m not interested consumer products. I believe that the crisis is fought living better, not spending less. There are many people interested in my program, but we’ll see what will be the first to decide to give me carte blanche to do whatever I want.

You live almost in the same town as my Italian family. I promise the next time you visit you fence around. I hope by then have a Abarth 1000TC in your garage.

See you then!


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