In-Competition: The story of the week: The amazing story of the Lancia 037 of the JGTC

In-Competition: The story of the week: The amazing story of the Lancia 037 of the JGTC
3 years ago

In-Competition: The story of the week: The amazing story of the Lancia 037 of the JGTC

Lancia Rally, better known as the Lancia 037, it is a legend of world championship rallies, and motorsport. The car that initiated the union of Lancia with Martini and one of the first great cars of the longed for group B. it Is a car that won six victories over the five years in which he competed for the sections of the entire world… before you make a surprising appearance in the third round of the JGTC -campeonago japanese GT – 1994.

So begins the story of a car that ended up competing where not supposed to do it. Eight years after his last competitive participation in the world rally championship -Lancia used to the pilots of the official team in the Rally Safari, 1986-, the team Rosso Competition entered a unit ex-world rally championship in the third round of the championship the japanese GT.

The 1994 is the first edition considered to be “full” of the JGTC, today known as Super GT. The third round of the championship was played in a scene of legend, the Fuji Speedway, even with their traditional configuration, the one used by Formula 1 in the 70’s with just a few changes with the goal of reducing the tremendous average speed that modern cars could reach.

Rosso Competition chose for the strange mission to compete with a car of the world rally championship with nearly a decade of filming the renowned japanese rider Naohiro Furuya. With years of experience in single-seaters in Europe -especially in Italy – and in his Japan home, to Furuya, this race was his debut in the competitions of this type in that it was a unique story.

The machine, known to be abundant for all; a Lancia 037 Evo 2-wheels of the maximum size that the body supported with the aim of improving the performance in a circuit. Beyond that and a few openings to help the engine cooling -at the end of the day, the car was not ready for such long periods of time with the engine at maximum-, the car was virtually equal to that it had been able to see in the world rally championship.

of Course, we had to apply a few set-ups completely different than those originally used in his previous racing experience, since the stages of any rally in the world could not seem less in the circuit of Fuji. The result, as disastrous as curious; penultimate position in qualifying thanks to the problems of one of the Nissan’s rivals and a twelfth final position in the race.

The Lancia 037, which belonged to the class, GT1, he finished the race seven laps behind the winner and ahead of four cars, all of them with problems at some point of the race. Their records were over ten seconds per lap of the next slowest car, which shows how out of place that was the car. Little more than a chicane mobile, it’s a story, quirky and unknown, which is almost a tradition within the motorsport nippon.

The car I had planned to participate in the 1000km of Suzuka of the same year but without getting to check out the registration, the team did not arrive at the circuit. Presumably, someone realized that made no sense and that was an expense that made no sense. It thus ended the racing history of the famous and acclaimed Lancia 037. Very far into a circuit that counts the history of the Lancia Delta S4 rolling to the rhythm of Formula 1 in Estoril…

As an epilogue, the Lancia 037 -even if another chassis is different – he had a new emergence in the world racing in 1999, when Jari Kämäräinen enrolled him in a race in Alastaro in your Finland home. with a rotary engine from Mazda, the flagship model of the Italian firm took a last -to the couple that strange – participation in the world of racing. How hard is the life of legend of the rally!

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