How could Robert Kubica will not be at Williams for 2018?
4 years ago

How could Robert Kubica will not be at Williams for 2018?

All of us want to return to see the good of Robert Kubica climbed to a F1 after his terrible accident of the Rally. He was an exceptional rider and certainly without the Polish it deserves to be back in a race car competing in 2018. I would love to be in the team Williams for next season as he is concocting lies, but maybe not all is optimism and this in the face for coming to see this great pilot again fighting on the track along with the rest of the riders and as a substitute for Felipe Massa, the great absentee of 2018.

His hand seems to be quite affected when they see images on the Internet, and I will not be I that includes an image of his right arm in AM to generate curiosity… But there are some things that I do not fit at all and makes me stop and think. The first is whether Kubica certainly could do good times, why not “stayed” Renault when he made the tests with them? It is true that test with Renault happened with cars years ago, without so much downforce and therefore much less demanding than driving… But tests with Williams if that were made with the current car…

perhaps the gauls did not see data sufficiently positive as to that Kubica would replace Palmer in 2018, and preferred to opt for Sainz? Well, we will not know until it is officially confirmed who will occupy the site of Felipe Massa, if it will be Kubica, Di Resta or who. But what if we have seen in the test is a car Williams modified to fit the right arm of Kubica, with a few grimaces on the protection of the cockpit (as you can see in the main image of the article) so that it will not shock the arm due to their more limited mobility.

And why I doubt his seat for 2018?

  1. The car has had to be adapted as we see, this would not be a problem provided that the AIF of the approval and the physical conditions of Kubica not be dangerous. Also need to see long runs, because with the physical demands of these cars is not the same as a few laps and have a rest to make a batch of the length similar to that of a career…
  2. Many media outlets have put the cry in heaven with the return of Kubica, and I admit that I would love to return. But all have an excess of optimism and boast of the times that marked the Polish, even highlighted the 0.3 seconds faster with respect to the other Williams. The own Kubica has said that has some limitations and he wants to come back, that he is devoting a lot of effort and that every time you upload what makes you more naturally… And in addition promises which may be the same rider he was before. I hope it is so and we see him in 2018! But he himself has recognized that whether to allow you to get in more testing will improve what they already did in these tests, but no further tests are performed before the pre-season.
  3. And we add to this that Paddy Lowe has said something without too much enthusiasm and optimism, although I hope that you are just being cautious: “I’m Not going to talk about his speed. […] Is a complicated issue. I know that everybody wants you to give some answers, but it is not something that we are going to make comments. It is really complicated, the performance and the speed, so don’t just look at the time table because it is quite misleading and I’m not going to talk about it. We have not been analysed. […] There was No problem. It all went well. Rode well, no complaints or problems. Everything went correct. We will make a decision when we are ready, we have all the information and we’re ready to announce it. […] The pilots we brought to this test does not mean that they are the only ones who have in mind to run the next year. This was only a test of tires, a good opportunity to see two riders different, as well as to Launch with the new tires. That was the purpose. Of course that gives us more information about the riders, but did not define what driver to choose.

I Hope that we will soon know the official announcement

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