Grand Theft Auto in real life: the story of Killdozer and its spiral of destruction

Grand Theft Auto in real life: the story of Killdozer and its spiral of destruction
4 years ago

Grand Theft Auto in real life: the story of Killdozer and its spiral of destruction

Marvin Heemeyer was a welder, living in Granby, Colorado. In this small town running a small workshop for repair of leaks. In 2004, he jumped to world fame as the protagonist of a spiral of destruction that ended with 13 buildings and $ 7 million in property damage. His weapon was a huge bulldozer in an armor of concrete and steel. Nothing or no one could stop, while for hours ran a revenge calculated. This is the exciting story of Killdozer, a Grand Theft Auto is a very real.

“Sometimes, men reasonable are forced to do things a little reasonable.”

Marvin Heemeyer moved to Granby in 1992, and acquired a small plot of land to an agency, a manager of foreclosed properties. Lonely, hardworking, and respectable, blew up a small business of repair of leaks over the years. The land that he bought for $ 42,000 received an offer of $ 250,000 for part of a cement company that wanted to settle on him. Marvin agreed at first, but raised his price in the first place to $ 375,000, and a little later, a million, without reaching an agreement with the company.

In 2001, the city of Granby renovated land adjacent to his workshop and assigned to a cement company, leaving isolated to the property of Heemeyer. The piece of land that was used to gain access to his shop was blocked by the company, as well as your drain line. He tried to prevent its construction through official requests, as well as using 2.5 meters of the ground of cement to build a new drain line. Also, was denied the construction of an alternative access to his workshop.

On the basis of a bulldozer with caterpillar tracks, steel, built a mobile fortress, even stronger than a military tank.

To make matters worse, the city council ‘ll be fined with $ 2,500 due to non-availability of the drain which prevented him from building. Fed up, frustrated and helpless, decided to take justice into their own account. The desperation absolute and the economic ruin led him to undertake a latest act of vengeance – self-justified as an “act of God” – against those who committed injustices against him. He closed his business, and for months, he built a gigantic bulldozer shielded from a Komatsu D355A, which he had purchased with the aim of constructing a new access to his business.

His transformation was thorough. Built a shell of several tons on his body, consisting of steel panels of an inch thick, a sandwich inside which poured the cement. His cabin was practically waterproof, and was equipped with a system of air conditioning and life support, with the aim of hold out inside for hours, even days. To see was the outside, installed CCTV cameras, protected by plexiglass bulletproof 76 mm thick. A fortress immovable.

In some places of the bulldozer, his armour had a thickness of up to 30 centimeters.

In pockets located strategically on all sides of the Killdozer – the journalists give him that nickname, in homage to a film from the year 1974 – welded several weapons: sniper rifles, a machine gun and a hunting rifle. At any time used such weapons, and it is believed they were installed to form a deterrent or as a last resort. It is believed that he used a crane to lower the armor on the bulldozer. A one-way trip, sealing his fate forever, without turning back. The revenge was going to be historic.

The June 4, 2004, this abomination came out of his workshop and began a storm of destruction. Several local businesses and dozens of vehicles were victims of their tonnage. The city hall and the police headquarters, as well as the cement plant, were the bulk of the damage. Building after building, this bulldozer was unstoppable. All the guns and small explosives that were on it were completely useless. A neighbor even tried to tackle it with a shovel of construction, without any success.

Summary of the destruction: 2 hours and 7 minutes, 13 buildings, dozens of cars, the supply of natural gas to the town hall.

While the police called for reinforcements and spoke with the army and the governor of the state, it was clear that Heemeyer only wanted to cause property damage: in no time he inveighed against people or cars occupied. But did not cease his efforts destructor. radiator said just after more than an hour of frenzy, and soon the bulldozer began to smoke – overheating its huge diesel engine. All in all, was destroying the facades, knocking down buildings and crushing trees. Meanwhile, several helicopters emitted in direct your movements.

the U.S. was pending this “Killdozer”, whose end was near. Tried to demolish the basement of an industrial building, and one of its tracks broke. While trying to escape, the engine said enough and broke. Cornered, with no way out and no mobility whatsoever, Marvin Heemeyer killed himself with a shot to the head. The authorities took 12 hours to release your body by using an oxyfuel industrial. Time after, it was learned that the governor of the state of Colorado came to communicate with the National Guard.

Killdozer has been the protagonist of several episodes of the History Channel and inspired a movie Russian.

Ordered an aerial attack on the Killdozer, with an Apache helicopter equipped with missiles air-to-ground Hellfire. Alternatively, we assessed the intervention of a brigade anti-tank Army. No solution drastic – high potential of collateral damage – was eventually required. Since then, Killdozer has become part of popular culture, and many identify him as a sort of Robin Hood modern, a cut sleeve motor, excessive interference and abuse of the public sector to the citizen helpless.

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