GLE Mercedes Coupe, touchdown: “The anti-X6 is here to stay”

GLE Mercedes Coupe, touchdown: “The anti-X6 is here to stay”
5 years ago

GLE Mercedes Coupe, touchdown: “The anti-X6 is here to stay”

We have come to Austria to try the new Mercedes GLE Coupe . A vehicle that since the first time I saw in pictures, what was clear: the counter signature of Stuttgart to BMW X6 . What was not expected was that its design lift many blisters among our readers. The GLE Coupe is not as horrible as you think. In fact, off a a halo for his aggressive attractive aspect to behold live. Imposed by its huge compact and powerful design. It is a mole.

eye ?? should not be confused with the new Mercedes GLE “plain” : the latter is the replacement of the old Mercedes ML, which has now changed its name. The GLE Coupe is, however, a SUV I -coupé large, do not plan to leave the asphalt. It is expensive, yes. Already on sale and start at no less than 78,700 euros for GLE Coupe 350d 4MATIC 258 hp, that is, 3,400 euros more expensive than its direct rival renewed BMW X6 xDrive 30d.

His extreme proportions and high aesthetics leave no doubt of their status SUV . But Mercedes insists that the new GLE Coupe combines competing concepts of SUV and coupe in a faithful representation of the philosophy of its founders , ensuring that the new model stems from the character of its founders Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, “while Benz acted under rational criteria, Daimler was swayed by passion”


And this is how was born this Mercedes GLE Coupe, which comes standard 4Matic all-wheel drive and a sophisticated automatic gearbox 9 relations . And, the great challenge of Mercedes-Benz was not only the design. The new model comes standard with a real display of equipment, which include many gadgets.

For example, standard features “Dynamic select” , a system that allows a choice of four driving programs, depending on the needs: individual, comfort, slippery floor and sport. Allowing a split personality sport or comfortable separately adjusting the response of the engine and transmission, the hardness of the steering and shock absorbers, and intervention thresholds ESP .

All models also come standard with an electrically operated tailgate and rearview camera with dynamic parking assistance. The equipment is completed by a “Stop & Go Pilot” (which stops the vehicle if the car ahead stops and then resumes running) system, brake “Pre-Safe” Pedestrian Detection with a Brake Assist “Plus Bas” Wizard crossings with active blind spot monitoring, active detector lane change or lighting system LED . As you can see, a very comprehensive list.

Optional features include the “Airmatic” air suspension in combination with a system called “ADS Plus”, which regulates the damping progressive and variably. It also offers “Collision Prevention Assist Plus” and ESP wizard to crosswind. And for the first time, the mirrors optional package includes a lighting system that projects the Mercedes-Benz logo on the asphalt .

Design inevitably similar to X6

From the first moment I contemplate the airport of Augsburg, design inevitably reminded us to BMW X6 . It is longer than three centimeters Munich, but the profile of both cars have similarities that are obvious, down from the ceiling of the two almost identical models.

The GLE Coupe comes standard 20-inch wheels and with short front overhang categorical. Its second characteristic feature is perhaps best resolved element grille. Very slender pilots and a highly suggestive radiator with a chrome center are the perfect finishing touch lama.

The defense noted for its registration located in the bumper and a rear lights with a “sticker” effect that inevitably remind of AMG GT .

Engines: diesel and gasoline between 258 and 585 CV

Initially, the new GLE Coupe will be available with five engine , all-wheel drive:

Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 4 Matic CoupeGasoline, 333 hp80 625 euros

Model Power Price
Mercedes-Benz GLE 4Matic Coupe 350d Diesel, 258 hp 78,700 euros
Mercedes-Benz AMG 450 GLE Coupe Gasoline, 367 CV 93,500 euros
Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe Gasoline, 557 hp 137,100 euros
Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Gasoline, 585 hp 148,800 euros

During the dynamic test in Austria were able to drive the GLE 350d Coupe . It is the model of access, which has a diesel V6 direct injection with 258 hp . More than enough to operate with ease in any field power, thanks to a maximum torque of 620 Nm from 1,600 rpm.

Undoubtedly, the fluid behavior is the first thing that catches the eye. His speed of reactions are sensational, especially in the case of a vehicle of 2,260 kilos. His acceleration 0-100 km / h in 7 seconds leaves no doubt of its sporty character. And their environment, next consumption at 7 liters per 100 km / h are an asset for efficiency.

The dynamics of the new GLE Coupe is different from the behavior that offers BMW X6 . While the X6 offers a more sporty feel , the Mercedes conforms to a set-point more comfortable and bourgeois. More roll in tight turns and an address with a less informative touch is clearly seen. Yes engines are quite up to par. Therefore benefits, for response.

This is the first time I tried a 9-speed change and the result has been a very smooth and satisfactory product. The transitions are executed quickly and, above all, is able to pass completely unnoticed, which is a very good sign.

interior design, sound insulation and maximum amplitude

The build quality is good and acoustic insulation on board GLE is exceptional . The interior is well solved although some lower plastic finish and the rear bench can be improved.

has an extraordinary breadth, seating for five people and a trunk of 620 liters, which is 40 more than the BMW X6 . With the seats folded, the GLE Coupe offers 1720 liters of capacity making it, according to Mercedes, in the broader segment trunk.

The dashboard is dominated by the classic 8-inch screen. An equipment similar to the Class C and E. With her entertainment the center fans are located. Is it any wonder that Mercedes still not bet on a knob for automatic gearshift or at least one rotary switch as used in the Range Rover Evoque. Instead, it has a lever behind the wheel, in true American style, which is usually located the wiper switch.

where you expect to find the gearshift knob have located two rotary controls, one to operate the entertainment system (radio, navigation …) and another to his right to choose the driving mode.

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe

also had the opportunity to test the Almighty Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe . Versions AMG has two scaled, normal with 557 hp and the other model, with the name “S”, boosted to 585 hp . Both have the same stratospheric V8 gasoline engine. Accelerates from 0-100 in 4.2 seconds and, thanks to its biturbo engine, featuring a pair of 760 Nm between 1,750 and 5,250 rpm. The price is 148,800 euros, which will only be available to gourmets. Rather a vehicle designed for the American market, where power is not a “problem”.

has a sport suspension, a heavier direction and active regulation system rolling. The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is a genuine outrage in all its aspects. Understand what I mean just by looking at its huge rear tires, with 325/35 tires 22 inches of titanium and polished to a high gloss gray.

We were able to test it thoroughly through the German Autobahn, where acceleration is impressive but also their braking. Even above 220 km / h is remarkable onboard comfort and interior soundproofing. But where really surprised us was on mountain road, despite its weight and bulk.

The first difference here lies in its suspension, with a firmer moron who prevents any swinging. The Mercedes-AMG is a table in tighter turns. There are less dishing and with it inevitably increases the driving pleasure. Unlike GLE 350d Coupé we’d just try, in this version -in Sport- air suspension acts as a function of speed: tightening cushions and reducing height 15 mm body at higher speeds to improve aerodynamics resistance and greater stability.

In addition to the four driving modes including all GLE versions AMG include a fifth program called Sport +. In it, 10 additional body descends millimeters. The suspension is so advanced technically, which is capable of adjusting the damping hardness separately for each wheel.

The second most noteworthy aspect is obviously the engine power, always accompanied by a very sharp sound leaks. The sporty handling is fascinating. Shown agile and distributes power between the front and rear axles in a 40:60 ratio , so that the character is less neutral. A disproportionate power and sound almost identical to that of any AMG to escape Performance, sputtering reductions and a very attractive gurgle.

Finally, the automatic gearbox double clutch -called AMG Speedshift seven-speed Plus- is , not nine as the basic versions. The behavior was so disappointed enough because, stretching revolutions near the court, he changed seemed “locked” … taking even one second, or more, in effect the ratio change. A detail still unpolished, but not justifiable for a vehicle of this size.

Its design is marvelous. The hood has two longitudinal dynamic projections, several flics in black to duct air cooling modules and emblems “V8 Biturbo” behind the wheel. Back has four exhaust outlets metallized, located two by two, rectangular shaped.

To differentiate GLE 63 S Coupe AMG “plain”, just check whether the brake calipers are red and if it has the shield AMG in the headrests of the front seats. The interior also includes a new three-spoke steering wheel with a flattened rim at its base and larger paddles behind him. The dashboard has sports fields in carbon fiber effect, morons up to 320 km / h and red needles.

In short, the new Mercedes GLE Coupe make it difficult to think who is evaluating the purchase of a BMW X6 . Its fresh design and full technological equipment are your strengths , while somewhat less sporty dynamics and a substantially higher price its great weaknesses. What is clear is that the Mercedes GLE Coupe is here to stay, offering arguments as strong as they look tank.

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