Gene Haas it seems that you have already chosen your pilot number 1

Gene Haas it seems that you have already chosen your pilot number 1
5 years ago

Gene Haas it seems that you have already chosen your pilot number 1

The new team that will debut this 2016 in F1, Haas F1, made public their two new signings, frenchman Romain Grosjean and mexican Esteban Gutierrez. They will be in charge of commanding this new project that even if you have experience in NASCAR american in F1 everything is much more complex and difficult. Which is called the B-team of Ferrari, started from a position more affluent than other new equipment for this collaboration, but will not have things easy.

The owner and crew chief Haas, Gene Haas appears to have been positioned before the start of the season. Romain Grosjean is the driver who could lead the team, not only for being a pilot of better quality, this, that no one can discuss it, or because of his greater experience, having competed while Stephen was only in the simulator in Maranello, but because it seems that Gene likes more.

Gives the impression that Gutierrez was part of the package of Ferrari that there was “incorporated” together with the power unit, transmission, gearbox, etc, Haas had assumed from the start that you could only choose one pilot, in this case Grosjean, the other pilot would come imposed by Ferrari. It has always been said that it would be a pilot with Ferrari relationship, and therefore the possibilities can be summarized in Vergne or Gutiérrez. But Gene warns you and will not keep a pilot who does not do his job well…

Stephen is young and wants to be a pilot of F1 and if you want to stay in Formula 1 is going to have to demonstrate that they can do things. […] Any driver who has been in F1 for a few years without winning a race happens to be in a hot seat. For more than not ran on in 2015, was on the simulator at Ferrari and was familiar much with the way in which they work, the package of engine and transmission. Because the knowledge required, and I’ve learned this from Grosjean on when to recharge the batteries or to apply extra power on each circuit, it must be completely clear if you really want to get the maximum performance out of the car.“.

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