Ford Mustang 2018 vs Mustang 2015: Analysis of their differences
3 years ago

Ford Mustang 2018 vs Mustang 2015: Analysis of their differences

Same but different, the Mustang 2018 is the logical evolution. last week, Ford presented by surprise by the new Mustang 2018 at the Detroit motor show, an event that closed its doors yesterday, Sunday, 22 January and to a few days of closing down saw the premiere of one of the biggest novelties of the mark, a week after the planned days of the press. This move will worth it to Ford to have all the attention on your sport and leave space in the diaries for another great presentation, the facelift of the F-150, its best-selling model.

The new Mustang is really a soft drink half-cycle of life, highly necessary to rejuvenate the model commercially, although it could still be considered young. The sixth generation was presented in December 2013 as a model 2015.

The news of this new iteration, we find especially at the technical level, with the disappearance of one of the mechanical options, the V6 engine’s maximum torque, and the incorporation of new systems. These are the main:

  • Offer mechanical simplicity, only two engines (4-cylinder EcoBoost and V8).
  • direct Injection to the V8 5.0 l engine and new exhaust system with 4 outputs and systems of valves active to modify your sound.
  • New automatic transmission with 10 speeds optional for all versions.
  • New joint cross-axis, multi-link rear.
  • adaptive Dampers MagneRide of the Shelby GT350 optional in both versions.
  • Dashboard fully digital 12-inch with 3 display options, optional for all versions.
  • New finishes plastics of better quality elements and finishes for aluminum.

exterior Differences

exterior Differences on the front.

In paragraph aesthetic, the differences are not very deep, these affect mainly the frontal, where find a nose very redesigned, while respecting the basic features of the previous model and just by changing some of its proportions.

  1. New wheel designs, up to 12 options in total.
  2. New air intakes at the side, now triangular in shape following the lines of the new lower grille. Disappear in the fog in a circular and modifies the shape of the optical set assistant.
  3. lower Grille wider and with new trapezoidal shape.
  4. Profile of the hood more low and sharp.
  5. New optical, now hosted so inclined and located deeper.
  6. New front splitter, also black in color.
  7. New air intake lower, in the center of the grill bottom.
  8. New air outlets on the hood.

exterior Differences in the behind.

behind the differences are minor, some of them unnoticeable to the naked eye. The most prominent is the appearance of the option of quad exit exhaust for the Mustang GT V8, of which I show you even their sound with this option. The greater part of the rear has been redrawn, although so slightly that it is hardly noticeable.

  1. The drivers rear can go from 3 bars straight to having a small angle at their ends, by drawing a C.
  2. The hollow of the tuition now is hex shaped and the cover between the pilots looks like a horizontal line..
  3. New rear spoiler, 4-arms for the model V8.
  4. reverse Light larger and diffuser of black color instead of red.
  5. Option of four outputs of exhaust for the V8.

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