Ford Mustang 2018 convertible: coming out of the new convertible version
4 years ago

Ford Mustang 2018 convertible: coming out of the new convertible version

New Ford Mustang convertible.

The american brand has already revealed the first images of the new Mustang 2018 convertible. Two photographs of study that we show, for the moment at least, the appearance of the sport with no ceiling, which we expect to continue to keep the soft top traditional, since they have not posted by the time an image of the closed model.

The convertible does not bring any surprise, account with the same aesthetic of the Mustang 2018, which adds to the attractiveness of the open body. At the level of aesthetics, technique and equipment shows exactly the same specifications of the closed version. Like this, the convertible will hit the market in the autumn of the same year.

it Will be available initially on just two engines, the 4-cylinder 2.3-litre EcoBoost and the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter, the V6’s maximum torque 3.7-liter disappears from the range. Both engines receive a small upgrade, something greater in the case of the V8, since this now has direct injection and the possibility of having valves in the exhaust to alter the sound of the exhaust. In both cases, we see improved performance and the consumption, but the mark has not been revealed by the time the figures.

The convertible does not surprises, it is as we expected.

In regards to your frame, you now have the same adaptive shock absorbers magnetoreológicos found in the Shelby GT350, being optional for all versions of the new Mustang 2018.

Both engine options also have the option of installing the new automatic gearbox 10 relations, jointly developed by Ford and GM, which will also be shared with its rival, the Chevy Camaro.

inside, the main novelty is the board completely digital, which replaces the usual analogue dials, this is an option for the whole range and has the particularity to change its settings depending on the driving mode chosen. The interior finishes have also been improved, with better plastics and more elements of aluminum.

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