Fiat Mobi will be the name of the new city of FCA for South america

Fiat Mobi will be the name of the new city of FCA for South america
5 years ago

Fiat Mobi will be the name of the new city of FCA for South america

The new citycar that Fiat will launch in South america the next year is referred to as Mobi. You will have less than 4 metres, and will use three-cylinder engine and 1.0 liter of displacement.

Dand little by little, the new product that Fiat prepares as access model in South america is taking shape. Up to the time he was known by name in internal code X1H, but according to what we today point to the specialized media in brazil, the new city will take the name Fiat Mobi.

is a small citycar will be produced in Brazil and that will hit the market to replace the Palio Fire and to be positioned as the most accessible of the brand in the region. Is developed on the platform of the current One, but have a distance between the axles to something lower, at around 2.30 metres and a body of less than 4.0 metres in length. This suggests that the space for the squares later it will be something less than that in the One, though, ensures that a greater height of the roof will help to improve their habitability.

At a visual level, the Fiat Mobi will share huge amount of elements of the body with the One, although it is expected that the appearance of the panels will be different. The similarities with the One that will be not only visual, as they also shared some mechanical elements, such as the motor Fire 1.0 litre, which will receive some improvements to achieve greater energy efficiency.

however, the idea of FCA is to replace it at a later stage by a new propellant GSE 1.0 litre and three cylinders, with a power around 80 horsepower, in combination with a system of starting and stopping the engine. This new propellant Global Small Engine will not come until 2017, at which time will also begin to be offered in the One and Pallium, although with a potency that would reach 100 HP.

while the idea is that the Fiat Mobi replace the Palio Fire, it is believed that in the first stage, both models will co-exist. In Brazil sure that the Mobi will have a entry price of around 30 thousand reals, namely a 7.600 dollars at the current exchange rate, almost the same price of the current Palio Fire.

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