Fiat 500 Riva: 5 reasons that make the difference
4 years ago

Fiat 500 Riva: 5 reasons that make the difference

just a few days Ago began the orders of the Fiat 500 Riva, a special edition that we were able to meet in person, and of which only reach 60 units in our country with a starting price from 13,800 euros and land in the streets this month of August by giving it a touch of distinction and personality in addition to the popular city of the Italian firm.

despite the fact that the little 500 has received many special editions and customizations, this time the union of Fiat and Riva stands a step beyond, as if of a new variant of the model “retro” is concerned, creating an alternative for those who not looking for a 500 “current”, but are not interested in the sporty touch that they can offer Abarth; for this reason, in the drafting of the engine.is we want to enumerarte 5 reasons why the Fiat 500 Riva makes a difference.

1. Spirit nautical outdoor

With a body in Blue Will be marking its main difference outside, there are several keys that evoke the nautical, and specifying a bit more, to craft the signature of Sarnico that are on this Italian car.

And is that, beyond the name Riva on the front wings, the appearance of chrome elements as their wheels, 16-inch bi-tone, the casings of their mirrors and the trim on the hood or the double-feature and aquamarine make this model “the yacht world’s smallest” a perfect summary for those small touches of cleverness and union between the sea and the asphalt that make us think of almost immediately in a port, a beach, or simply a coast city as the backdrop ideal for the 500 Riva.

2. Interior: luxurious living room in miniature

despite the fact that, in essence, the cabin is identical in dimensions and appearance to the model current, quality materials and attention to detail attracts one more time the role of the interior to convert it into a small lounge on wheels.

And is that, if the leather-trimmed interior of the steering wheel and seats in high quality leather of the prestigious brand Poltrona Frau knows little, has used the same mahogany with the Riva builds the trim and decorative elements of the exterior and interior of their ships in order to build not only the top of the steering wheel, the knob or change the small mouldings of the doors, or carpet in the trunk, but the great dashboard central that, in addition, has been hand-made with inserts in maple wood you fall in love with when sitting at the controls of this car.

in Addition to all that, the big screen media crowns the center of this room in miniature, to which can optionally be equipped as icing on the cake a computer sound Beats Audio with 6 speakers and subwoofer in the hollow of the spare wheel from the trunk to get a high-quality surround sound 440 watts of power.

3. With or without a roof, you choose

The Italian manufacturer has decided that this special edition is adopted both in body hardtop as his version cabrio, thus expanding the range of choice for the future owners of this yacht in miniature that will be able to choose between the robustness of the set covered or the experience of living in the open air.

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in Addition, it should be noted that the soft top in marine blue color is exclusive for this version, another touch of distinction to add to the list of extras made in Riva.

4. Limited edition

Only 500 vehicles will enjoy this unique finish one hundred percent Italian, and, of them all, 60 units are the ones that will come to our country and enjoy a plate interior (attached with the same screws that are used in the boat Italian) custom with the edition number, and if desired, the name of the owner.

Taking into account the success of sales has meant that the urban “chic” at the global level, it is appreciated that this type of variants that increase the quality (and price) of the vehicle are limited on the part of the manufacturer in a map where it is common to see a Fiat 500, but it won’t be much to see a Fiat 500 Riva.

5. Alternative 500 against the good sportsmanship

today, we’re used to that exclusivity in a vehicle that comes given by the features, the feelings in sport, the amount of Nm of torque, the touch aggressive that have their bumper or the size of your diffuser and spoiler in the rear; in fact, the own 500 has with Abarth this covered terrain, but, to date, had not appeared in the catalogue a model for those drivers, above the dynamic and nature of its mechanics, seek a vehicle where the distinction in favor of another type of features as the comfort, the quality of the items or the sobriety outside.

With the Fiat 500 Riva, this niche market is already crossed out from the list of pending, and is that with an aesthetic that shuns the extravagance and an interior with handmade elements and a lot of quality in its materials, he manages to offer a vehicle equally eye-catching, without touching the engine, brakes or suspensions.

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