F1 2018: Liberty Media and Netflix negotiating to offer streaming content
4 years ago

F1 2018: Liberty Media and Netflix negotiating to offer streaming content

Very good news and above all, very expected by all the lovers of F1 that have been left without access to it after the monopoly that has been marked Movistar with the exclusivity of the same. You know that Movistar F1 is the only channel in Spain that you can issue this sport, with the exception of the GP of Spain that is also what we can see in TVE and the famous summaries of 1 hour by TDP. Also Vodafone has wanted to issue the F1 and to this end has acquired the rights in order to broadcast from their TV services, the channel Movistar F1. But as you know, there are to pay for these services also require you to have fiber, phone, TV, etc, driving up the cost bill.

And not only that, but if you live in an area where the optical fiber does not come to your home, forget about watching this sport. So we’ve gone from a F1 open to all and free to a privatization, which has reduced the interest for these problems taxes. We time saying that Liberty Media wanted to change this and democratize the F1 emitiéndola on the Internet. Already have made some agreements and steps, and possibly they were working on any platform to be offered through the network. But… why build a platform when there are already some existing ones?

well, we’ve known that Liberty Media and Netflix are in discussions on content, so that the agreement could occur face-to-2018. Owners american F1 negotiated with the famous streaming platform to distribute and create media content about F1 for next season, so if we hire the services of Netflix for something less than 10€ a month, we will be able to predictably access the F1 and all the special content. That would be as well if the deal closes and will have to wait also to see what details and what type of content it is, but there seems to be secrecy, since Sean Bratches do not want to reveal anything, but it does confirm that they are negotiating.

As has been said would be the largest and most important movement that Liberty Media would do to to take the sport around the world. Now, how could the agreement of Movistar take away the illusion at all? Well, possibly, so you will need to be cautious. Remember that they have the exclusivity of the F1 in Spain and it pays, so I don’t know if Netflix Spain could issue here that content of be the races live. Although it also speaks of another type of content such as documentaries, series, etc, about the Formula 1.

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