Exclusive: there Will be a Mercedes E-Class Allroad for 2017
4 years ago

Exclusive: there Will be a Mercedes E-Class Allroad for 2017

Recreation of the Mercedes E-Class Allroad

With the new Mercedes E-Class to be unveiled, there would be no body family Estate for which the range of the sedan media, Mercedes was complete in this new generation, but since a few weeks we know that Mercedes has the intention to include a new body (or version, depending how you look) in the new generation of Class E.

Up to now, we have been able to see that Mercedes has only offered a range of sedans with their corresponding family, coupe and cabrio, but the mark of a three star tip you have put in your point of look at the Audi A6 Allroad, a model that offers all the practicality and functionality of a family member with a slight increase of the height of the body to the ground so that increases your chances road motorcycles out of the asphalt roads bumpy.

The model of Audi is offered for three generations and Volvo, another of the rivals to consider, it takes years to marketing the well-known versions XC “Cross Country”.

As we have explained, until now Mercedes covered these options with their range of SUV but it is understood that both the model of its competitor, German and Swedish have a market that they can’t lose Mercedes has the intent of giving customers an alternative.

In fact, our sources have told us that under the bulky camouflage worn by some of the prototypes of the Mercedes E-Class Estate that we have seen in our spy pictures, there are units that feature the typical protections of plastic around the body.

The new E-Class Estate is scheduled to be put to sale in September of next year, coinciding with its presentation at the Salon of Paris in 2016, and it is hoped that this new body is to premiere in the first quarter of 2017, possibly taking advantage of the Detroit motor show 2017, following the strategy of Mercedes to present, at least, a new model or facelift every six months, and with the same range of mechanical the E-Class Estate, although you already mentioned that it will only be in combination with all-wheel drive 4MATIC.

current Range of the Mercedes E-Class

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