Emil Frey wants to develop a F-Type GT3 with Jaguar
6 years ago

Emil Frey wants to develop a F-Type GT3 with Jaguar

The dispute of the 24 Hours of Spa was an important moment in the project of Emil Frey Racing, as the team swiss private premiered the second drive in your Jaguar XK GT3. Although the performance of this model has improved greatly in the last few months, what is certain is that the sports project of the importer’s oldest Jaguar has very few options to compete against the GT3 of the major manufacturers and their teams semi-formal. It is for this reason that Lorenz Frey is knocking at the door of the Jaguar to develop with official support, a Jaguar F-Type GT3.

The main aim of Jaguar is to launch its program in Formula E, but this does not exclude the possibility of a program GT3 parallel and more if Emil Frey Racing carries the weight of the development of an eventual F-Type GT3. the talks between The two parties have existed and what is certain is that the firm is observing the team’s efforts. The mark had on the table the development of this project at the beginning of last year and now might be a good time to take a step to the front and make a bet for a vehicle GT3 based on its sporty badge.

While Lorenz Frey insists that Jaguar must have a F-Type in the GT racing in honor of heritage and his history at Le Mans, what is certain is that Emil Frey Racing not resting. And is that the Jaguar XK GT3 premiered at the 24 Hours of Spa is not identical to the unit #14 used until now. XK #114 account with new parts that improve its performance and in fact has had to undergo the ‘Balance of Performance’ of the Blancpain GT individually. In addition, the team also works on the development of the Lexus RC F GT3 next to Toyota Gazoo Racing.

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