Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, what would you pay 7.790 euros for a Scrambler of 399 cc?
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Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, what would you pay 7.790 euros for a Scrambler of 399 cc?

7.790 euros. Is the price of the new Ducati Scrambler Sixty2, the latest addition to the family Scrambler Ducati. It is the bike of smaller displacement and power of the range Ducati, and is focused to the holders of the carnet A2. Its two-cylinder engine in L, air cooled has been reduced its capacity to 399 cc, with a decrease of its power, up to 41 HP at 8.750 rpm. We wonder if Ducati have thought carefully about the trading strategy of this bike, the price of which we crave excessive to all lights.

The emblem of the tank is fixed, and no further versions of small displacement that this Sixty2.

didn’t want to get so fast to conclusions, but what is certain is that the number clouds my judgment without remedy. A Ducati Scrambler Icon, with engine of 803 cc and 75 BHP of power starts in 8.350 euros. It is a price only 560 euros superior to that of the Scrambler Sixty2. Let’s see with what arguments we want to convince the Scrambler Sixty2. To begin with, aesthetically it is very similar to the Scrambler “big”. Chassis, dimensions and purpose hardly vary, if the execution and some of the components. It has less customization possibilities.

in Addition to changes in the motor – whose power of 41 HP is comparable to that of a Yamaha MT-03 or a KTM Duke 390 – your front brake disc reduces the size of 330 mm to 320 mm, and your clip is now two-piston front four-piston earlier. It retains a rear disc 245 mm at the rear axle, as well as the ABS series. The front fork has been replaced by a Showa 41 mm, with the objective of containing production costs of this bike and reduce its price, at least on paper.

Your exhaust pipe pokes out the more shy side of the bike. Your engine

there are No major mechanical changes, although their battle grows in 15 mm and its empty weight is only 4 pounds lower, 183 kg is Still a motorbike with a driving posture natural and comfortable, suitable for two passengers without major problems. Unlike the Scrambler, “large”, is not available in most versions, although this could change in the near future. Their advertised price for the Spanish market is of 7.790 euros, all lights much higher than expected on a bike of 41 HP. In his defense, it retains the finely tuned chassis of his older sister

is set to the range of Ducati Scrambler, 2016.

But loses some of the charm off-road and I think that will be difficult to find customers. This is because the holders of a carnet A2 can acquire a Scrambler big and limit your power to 48 HP until you take the card To (if they do). For only 560 euros of difference, it would be illogical to chose a Scrambler Sixty2, less powerful, components with lower and less possibilities of customization, in addition to benefits. I do not doubt that your consumption will be lower and it will be fun to ride. But it costs 7.790 euros.

A KTM Duke 390 costs 4.990€, it has 3 HP extra, is more light, and walk quite a bit more. We agree that it is image what you pay for with the Scrambler Sixty2. If you can pay for image, purchase directly a Scrambler Icon 803 cc 8.350 euros.

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