Dakar 2017: The adventure is about to begin
4 years ago

Dakar 2017: The adventure is about to begin

The Dakar 2017 heats engines. A large part of the bikes, quads, cars and trucks that are going to take part in the raid more hard of the world are already in South america, or to come, in the same way that the pilots, co-pilots and mechanics also face the trip to Paraguay to acclimate to the time change and do the last test to see that everything is working properly on their motorcycles and vehicles. One week prior to the start of the test nothing can go wrong and this also means that the machine advertising the raid has also been put in place.

For this reason, and before you start with the preparations of the christmas Eve dinner, we wanted to share the official teaser Dakar 2017, video that appeals to the passion and the ‘goblin’ that follows a single appointment on the calendar. Only in this way is understood as hundreds of adventurers are facing year after year to the hard challenges of the Dakar, and like millions of fans around the world are living the first days of January pending the radio and the ‘live timing’ to know the adventures of a few intrepid riders who have no fear of anything.

A Dakar 2017 that will count with 491 enrolled, divided into 146 particiantes on a bike, 37 on quads, 90 in cars -including 10 SSV – and 50 in trucks. Although the number of enrolled is significantly lower than in past editions, the excitement is more that the underwriter as one of the great attractions of the Dakar is that its ‘walls’ concentrate struggles of large manufacturers, projects, exciting, individual challenges and success stories. There is always something to rely on and in Engine.it is because we are working for to give the best coverage of the next Dakar.

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