Comparison: Mazda MX-5 ND vs NC: let’s Talk design

Comparison: Mazda MX-5 ND vs NC: let’s Talk design
4 years ago

Comparison: Mazda MX-5 ND vs NC: let’s Talk design

Comparative Mazda MX-5 what’s your favourite? If there is something you can brag about the Mazda MX-5, whatever your generation, is to have an aesthetic unmistakable. The first three generations have an identity strongly marked by its simplicity. The NA had a unique brand that we miss: the headlights disappearing. Less tolerant of pedestrians in case of collision, but visually very attractive.

This forced a rethink on the NB without those headlights, though visually kept many similarities. The NC engordó, ensancho and became more mature; more car… less toy. Won a few abultadísimos wheel arches and in the successive restyling integrated grids of larger size, better built and more beautiful.

estilizaron the headlights, wheels, minor interior details and small sensations in the accelerator. Incorporated new technologies to security, such as the active bonnet.

All generations of the Mazda MX-5

Was the feeling that the ND was not going to be radically different. It should not be. To maintain its essence, its elegance and the attractiveness that has sold nearly 1,000,000 units. And then it happened. Smaller, more aggressive and modern. So are the Mazda MX-5 NC and ND.

next to Each other does not seem to be of the same family. If there is something that characterizes the ‘Miatas’, it is his smile that front, which makes it seem like the car a contented child. In the NC, the smile is accused along with one more look happy and innocent.

With the last restyling, the trim of the fog changed, and the ‘child’ is camouflaging slightly. The headlights are integrated into the bumper, without going to the extremes, as they have done in the ND. If it were not for the bulging wheel arches, even that would be a car strait.

The Mazda MX-5 2015 seems more compact. And so it is.

In the ND, the ‘movie’ is quite different. Is lower and the headlights already betray the reduction of the height. The look is extremely aggressive, and the front grille has a more mature way and wide. The smile has lost its innocence to become the bad boy of the roads. If in NC the hood had a rounded shape, in the ND, the lift has two peaks very defendants in the form of tusks.

The front lighting of the ND is in charge of LED behind a projector for the short and through a system of mirrors for long. It is so powerful that the car can do without antinieblas in exchange for a strip of leds for daylight, which is accompanied by a thin strip (of LEDS) on the inside of the main headlight.

Four areas in total of day-lighting to warn of our presence to the rest of road users. And as have been placed at the ends of the body, the sensation of width is accentuated. In the previous generation had not daytime lighting, even to the last restyling. It was mandatory to opt for the same 2.0 to acquire xenon headlamps, which limited a lot the user.

So brighten our MX-5

The main lighting was in charge of halogens behind a projector for the dipped beam and through the use of mirrors for long. Today we can say that illuminate rather what is right but… who the hell needs more?

The sides have changed and the simple forms, we pass to the language KODO with inspiration in japanese traditional arts and the sensation of movement. Lines top-down and bottom-up accompanied by some beautiful wheels 16-inch finishing Gun Metallic (darkened).

In the NC, the wheels, 16-inch, are silver plated and are mounted on a tire with more drawing and less sports aspirations, but wider (205 vs 195). However, the handle of the door has a better appearance, with a chrome finish. As the new Mazda MX-5 features keyless access, has a small black button on the handle.

The rear has created some controversy

In the rear, the change is radical, and perhaps the point of greatest conflict in the model 2015. The pilots, which are stretched from a round dial to the end of the body not just to please everyone who sees it. However offers LED once more, adapting to modern times. It has also lost the exhaust by hand, and has unified the two outputs at the same end. Do less sports? This point goes in a matter of taste.

A thing that has won is that the shapes of the bumpers have been permitted to incorporate the registration in a new position and more low and it has added a button that allows you to open the trunk. That button is located in a very low place and it prone to receive a lot of dirt, which will force us to mancharnos hands on numerous occasions.

In the old car it is only possible to open it with the remote or with a button on the inside of the car. A little uncomfortable and less practical. On the whole, the rear of the outgoing version seems more harmonious with that of the new. And to finish off the details of the exterior, the antenna of the Mazda MX-5 2015, even starting from a lower position, is higher than that of the model 2014. It is true that the radio in the old car is not tuned very well the stations, but in the new, though rather better, is not his strong point.

Mazda MX-5 comparison of interiors, the essence remains

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