Classics: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

Classics: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
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Classics: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

Walter de Silva was responsible for the design of the Alfa Romeo 156 sedan in 1997 came as a substitute for 155. In 2001 debuted Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, more radical variant used a 250 hp V6 engine. It was produced until 2007, when it was replaced by the 159.


E n 1993, Alfa Romeo decided it was a good time to look a replacement for the 155 and they were convinced that they needed a new product that will feature a lot of personality, something that had never been achieved 155.

By design called internally Type 932 it faced from three different fronts in order to have three different proposals, including one designed by Pininfarina, for another Giugiaro and another by Centro Stile Alfa Romeo with designer Walter de Silva . Finally, the chosen was designed by de Silva, inspired by Nuvola prototype strokes and achieving a body curved lines, quite far from the straight lines that characterized the model it replaced.

The design of its body had some retro elements, such as the front door handles style while handles of the rear doors were hidden in the C-pillar , along with a grill which merged with the bumper, necessitating the adoption of a room for the license plate shifted to the right.

The side had the appearance of a coupe , thanks to the original resource by then hide the door handles on the rear pillar. De Silva noted that not only the prototype Nuvola was his source of inspiration, but also some historical Alfa Romeo as the 1900, Giulia and Giulietta .

The 166 GTA 3.2 V6 used a ‘Bussone’ with 250 horsepower.

There is no doubt that Alfa Romeo 156 was the product with the brand which marked a turning point in terms of design, making back some of the qualities that had lost in previous years. The 156 was based on platform 155 , which in turn was later modified to give life to 147.

For the month of October 1997, the Alfa Romeo 156 was ready for his debut, under the Frankfurt Motor Show of that year. The sedan had an immediate acceptance by the public and quickly achieving several awards for its design. A year later he had already achieved consecrated as Car of the Year .

Initially he commercialized with sedan body and shortly afterwards with a variant of the familiar type. Engines offered with 1.6-liter Twin Spark and 120 hp, 1.8-liter Twin Spark and 144 hp, and a 2.0-liter Twin Spark 155 hp (later 150 hp) and (JTS engine) direct injection and 166 hp, a 2.5-liter 190 hp (later 192 hp) and a 3.2 liter 250 hp. They have four cylinders in line, except for the two most powerful six-cylinder with V.

The diesel is a four-cylinder 1.9 liter engine in variants of 105, 110, 115, 140 and 150 hp, 8- and 16-valve five-cylinder 2.4 liter versions of 136, 140, 150 and 175 CV, all JTD name. All have two valves per cylinder

common-rail direct injection, variable geometry turbocharger

But the real fun came in the month of September 2001 , when again under the Motor Show in Frankfurt was presented Alfa Romeo 156 GTA.

The model borrowed the name of Alfa Romeo GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerita) of the 1960 Visually, added some own aesthetic elements of this version, as its new bumpers and lateral skirts, plus a new alloy 17 inches , which were shod in 225/45 tires and had the characteristic design circled by brand .

Inside also some changes, such as sports seats with leather upholstery were added aluminum pedals , three-spoke sports steering wheel and some details and silver trim.

But the most important was what happened under the hood, as the Alfa Romeo 156 GTA it was favored by a V6 3.2 Bussone, which it produced 250 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm. This engine is associated with a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic six-speed Selespeed , a robotic exchange of hydraulic drive carrying paddles behind the steering wheel.

With the mechanical assembly, the 156 GTA could accelerate 0 to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds , while achieving a top speed of 250 km / h all with a fuel consumption average stood at around 12 liters per 100 kilometers.

But also had a new tune, which put the emphasis on a stiffer suspensions designed specifically for the GTA by the Fiat Research Centre, a more direct address, torsion bars May diameter larger capacity brakes signed by Brembo , dual front calipers with 305 mm and 276 mm rear discs and piston.

GTA Only 2,973 units were produced , while that fabircaron 1,678 GTA Sportwagon . Based on the GTA, the coach Autodelta also produced versions with enhanced performance, who managed to extract 400 horsepower the 3.7-liter V6 engine.

commissioned Alfa Romeo Giorgetto Giugiaro one restyling of 156 in 2003, which mainly updated its front light clusters with higher size, a central grille that took even more volume and a subsequent sector saw its headlights modified very slightly. However, all units in the GTA used the original aesthetic model designed by Walter de Silva .


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