Classic motorcycle brands

Classic motorcycle brands
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Classic motorcycle brands

since 1867 Sylvester Howard Roper invented which is considered the first motorcycle in history have been many brands that are spread across all continents. By proximity, we will review some classic motorcycle brands of our continent, which will be completed in future posts. Of history, tradition and number of brands we are just starting for Italy, but we could not stop talking about the classic brand of Spanish Bultaco motorcycles.

What are the main classic motorcycle brands?

1) Moto Guzzi was created in 1921 by mechanical Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi airplane pilot. From the first year of the creation of the brand started to compete and win in other races in Italy.

One of the greatest hallmarks of this bike classic brand of is innovation. In the early thirties went the rear suspension for the first time on a bike and, together with the German manufacturer NSU, was the first to investigate the aerodynamic fairings with the incorporation of their motorcycles.

Back in 1933 proved to be one of the flagship models of the brand: V-Twin 500cc with its two cylinders arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. Even today it is still his trademark recognized and recognizable identity.

2) MV Agusta (Meccanica Verghera) was founded by Count Domenico Agusta in 1945, but it was not until the fifties, which was released in Europe, as it began overshadow the British motorcycle because in those years, and stood at 206 km / h.

MV Agusta still holds the record for the World Championships in all categories except 50 and 80 cc and legendary drivers competed with them as Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini. With the death of Count Agusta in 1971 marked had to reinvent itself and move to build engines in the Italian government bound by the aviation industry.

In the eighties the Castiglioni brothers bought Cagiva brand MV Agusta and fair to the designer Massimo Tamburini, in late 1998 launched to the market the most recognized brand models to date: F4


3) Bultaco was created in 1958 by Francisco bulto due to rejection of their former partner in Montesa to enter the world of competition. Only four years later released the mythical model Shrapnel, sportiest road bike that has never produced in Spain.

Great racing successes and big riders like Angel Nieto or Ricardo Tormo has controlled this brand. With strike eighties began the decline of the brand until 1999 Bultaco Derbi revived with a reissue of classic Lobito.

In other posts we continue this review of classic motorcycle brands , what has that tree?

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