Citroën Type H, the “food truck” more popular
4 years ago

Citroën Type H, the “food truck” more popular

In recent years there seems to be a boom of gastronomy in our country, although it is something that has always been there. Television programs as “Nightmare in the kitchen”, “Master Chef” or “Top Chef” has brought to fashion a new type of cuisine, less traditional, more colorful, more commercial… and also more expensive.

One of the consequences is the emergence of vans transformed as positions of mobile food, better known by the anglicized form food truck. Among them, the most popular model is the Citroën Type H, a commercial vehicle were discontinued 34 years ago, and had a commercial life since I 1947!

Is the grandmother of the Citroën Jumpy

Its retro look makes it very attractive in an era in which retro sold more and is more cool. Not only that, the shapes angular and square of this vehicle are very suitable for that type of use, since the space is exploited to the maximum and you can work inside with comfort.

The idea of using this vehicle to sell food is not exactly new, the image is from 1968

To explain this ability, we have to go back to the 30’s and 40’s, when Citroën put in a commercial vehicle several technical advances that today are simple. Before the H Type briefly sold the Citroën TUB, whose production was stopped by the Second World War.

That vehicle had a self-supporting body (monohull) without a separate chassis, with suspension torsion bars, hydraulic brakes and most important: front wheel drive inherited from the Traction Avant. Having all the mechanical organs in front, it freed a lot of space for cargo. His successor inherited all those solutions.

If the H-Type was not more versatile it was by the very power of their engines, both petrol or diesel, not exceeding 60 HP for the weight of a subcompact/compact modern. In addition, its forms antiaerodinámicas made that speed was not one of their greatest strengths. But it is very spacious, indeed, more than the current Jumpy.

In the case of Spain, if one does not want to enter in the horrible world of the approvals of the individual, it is necessary to respect the original engine of Citroën, or resign himself to move his van, dining on a trailer from one place to another. The mechanics has, as little, 34 years, so that the maintenance can be tricky.

To the end of the day, the Spanish legislation does not allow the itinerant sale of food to the insane, only permitted in events that are too specific, and with the corresponding licence (card food handler apart). Considering that, the theme motive is not as important

The Citroën HY is 10,3 m3 capacity

Of the 21 combinations of body that was the Citroën Type H, the most suitable for this purpose is HY. This model has an external height of 2.6 metres, and has a interior height of 2.12 meters. The version of low ceiling, HZ, measured 2.3 meters high, and in its interior there are available 1.82 m, it is more fair.

The curious shape of the plate dimensions, wavy, responds to a solution engineered to be more rigid with a smaller amount of steel. The idea was not Citroen, but of the German aircraft manufacturer Junkers, and since the First World War. It is also used in the Ford three-engine plane, in the decade of the 30. Yes, Ford also made aircraft in its day.

From 1947 to 1982, this vehicle has just had stylistic changes. The first models had a windshield split in two, the rear only took it to reach up to 1964. Made other minor changes in optics, the doors, front grill or the front wings. To Spain it took a bit to arrive, until 1962, was not by the skin of a bull.

For those entrepreneurs of the gourmet food that they raise to purchase one of these vans, you must go preparing the portfolio. The few existing units tend to need a lot of cuddling (complete restoration), not to mention all the interior that requires a modern kitchen. The cost can be overcome peacefully the 30,000 euros without having sold or a plate of peanuts. You can go to account buy an already modernized.

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