Citroen DS PLR Mille Pattes, two V8 engines, eleven wheels, and many unknowns

Citroen DS PLR Mille Pattes, two V8 engines, eleven wheels, and many unknowns
4 years ago

Citroen DS PLR Mille Pattes, two V8 engines, eleven wheels, and many unknowns

What the hell is the monster that appears on your screen? This is the Citroën DS PLR Michelin Mille Pattes . A very long name, which stands PLR mean Lourd Poids Rapide fast in French trailer truck. The story begins in 1972. Michelin he owned Citroen and needed a vehicle to prove with certainty the durability and resistance of its tires for heavy trucks, which was leader world since World War II. A great evils great remedies.

This bestial Citroën with American heart was over 7 meters and weighed about 10 tons.

The trials involved circulating at high speed with such tires, and engineers feared losing control of the vehicle before a puncture or blowout at high speed. Michelin decided to build ad hoc vehicle tires to test their security , and his idea materialized in a Citroen DS more special than what was dubbed Mille Pattes, centipedes in French. Really, only shares some body panels and the interior with the Citroen DS , so his name was really pure marketing.

This Frankenstein flavored ratatouille began its existence with several Michelin engineers rummaging through the shelves Citroën parts. They took several body panels Citroen DS Safari, along with part of the compartment. But they ignored the shelf motors, and soon we will explain why. The rest of the body of this giant vehicle was built ad hoc or pieces of commercial vehicles like the Citroen H van, which itself borrowed no less than ten wheels.

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The Citroen Mille Pattes rolled at an average speed of 155 km / h during the tests.

In its rear section – supported by six wheels and three axes taken from a Peugeot 504 – a wheel truck on a custom built stand was mounted. By hydraulic actuators, the wheel could lift truck or on ground support, plus a variable exert pressure on it. To move such a mass would have taken a few engines DS, then the more powerful Citroën. Michelin chose the easy way out and acquired two engines 5.7 small-block V8 from a Corvette .

The two yankees engine developed 350 hp each. One of them passed the power to the ground through the three rear axles Mille Pates – with the help of an automatic transmission also General Motors origin – while the other V8 was responsible for moving the wheel truck. As you can expect, it was not a simple or easy to drive. And he was quick: with 700 hp and drive 11 × 7 – seven driving wheels of a total of eleven wheels – was able to reach 180 km / h. Glups.

Two fuel tanks 90 liters lasted only a few hours of testing, and were necessary to quench the thirst of two V8 engines Americans. We do not know how long this particular vehicle was used, but I guess the oil crisis prompted Michelin to find static test stations, such as those used today. Fortunately, it appears that this vehicle is still preserved by Michelin and makes a public appearance from time to time. A story that we do not want to miss forgotten.

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