Citroën BX GTI 16V Supercharged, this hidractivo with 300 horses can be yours
3 years ago

Citroën BX GTI 16V Supercharged, this hidractivo with 300 horses can be yours

Citroen BX GTI 16V was in his time, the most powerful version of the sedan French, with 160 horse power. With an image slightly more sporty, a good performance and the comfort and equipment a highlight of the Citroën BX, it was one of the most exciting forms to conceive the sporty feel in a car that is eminently familiar.

Today we bring to our pages a Citroën BX GTI 16V very special. It is a unit of the year 1991, which has been conveniently prepared by its last owner for the last 8 years. Although their 300 CV of power and the supercharged engine with a compressor can surprise us, they are just the tip of the iceberg of this BX GTI 16-Valve so special that is for sale on auction on eBay UK.

From the outside it may seem that this Citroën BX GTI 16-Valve Supercharged has small modifications such as a tires BBS RX 17″ in place of the source of 14″ and the deletion of the fog lights to install cooling ducts for the brakes. The smartest will also see as the front bumper is longer, to be able to enter the intercooler from a Range Rover P38, another of the many pieces that have been necessary to carry out this preparation. The interior is kept practically of the series and in very good condition. Yes, it is a unit with steering wheel to the right.

If we pay attention to the mechanics, we find the source engine, 1.9 litre displacement, code XU9J4. And say series to understand that it has not been changed all the mechanics for a new one, even if the modifications are such that little or nothing is left of the engine that this car left the factory.

cylinder head has been completely modified to enable a greater flow of air to and from the combustion chambers, accompanied by an admission and exhaust brand new in its entire length. The pistons, the oil pump and the crankcase have also been modified to be able to withstand the demands of this preparation. The circuit of fuel has been updated with new injectors Opel Astra OPC, new fuel filter and a gasoline pump for more flow. Of course, among other modifications, do not forget the centrifugal compressor Rotrex SP30/74. The ecu is Bosch Motronic 4.1 has been rescheduled.

The gearbox is also not the five-speed manual for the Citroën BX GTI 16V in its place is a six-speed from the Peugeot 306 GTI, enhanced by the introduction of a limited-slip Quaife. Although in bank of power the engine has managed to extract 300 horsepower at 7,200 rpm, for reasons of reliability, the power is limited to 252 HP.

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