Chevrolet will cease production of the Corvette 2017 this summer
5 years ago

Chevrolet will cease production of the Corvette 2017 this summer

The current C7 Corvette 2017 it stops making this summer.

The Chevrolet Corvette 2017 have an expiration date, and will be this summer. According to some media reports specialized in the american sports, the plant in Bowling Green, the only factory where it assembles the current C7 Corvette, will cease production this summer.

June 2, will close the production model 2017, and the factory will face several months of unemployment, which will be used to perform a number of jobs in the plant. As we already warned in their day, these facilities had received a millionaire’s budget to accommodate certain improvements, which many point as needed to accommodate the serial production of a new model.

By the time there is no planned date of the restart of the productive activity, which further fuels the rumors that we are faced with the arrival of a new model. Although this does not mean that after the remodeling, which includes a painting workshop that is completely new, go to start production of the new generation of the Corvette.

Plant of Bowling Green.

For the moment, the only thing certain is that the model 2017 will continue its manufacture until the 2 day of June, so that everyone who wants to order a unit to your liking only has until April 13 to submit an order. Beyond that date, will not be admitted to orders, and the dealers will be filled with the remaining copies for the manufacture of here to summer.

It should be noted that in Bowling Green are manufactured all the variants of the C7 Corvette, both body coupe and convertible, and the versions Z06 and Grand Sport.

Model 2018

This is the big unknown. In theory, this same summer presents the new Corvette C7 ZR1 and will be available a new block V8 with the denomination LT5. Several reports and leaks so it is endorsed, but do not know anything of the future range 2018 of the ‘Vette.

The chain of production of the ‘Vette in Bowling Green.

In principle, would expect an update of the model, which in 2018 will be 5 years in the market, which would come accompanied by a new version ZR1, which we have already seen several examples of tests on the street this last year.

In terms of the Corvette-mid-engine, of which also we have seen
several mules of evidence rolling in the facilities of General Motors, to
based on what we have seen until now, it is still some time
. So this should reach you later.

The first
reports pointed to a presentation in Detroit of 2018 as a model 2019, and
while this may be still possible, is yet to be confirm and
all, it is by getting the Corvette 2018 this year, that remains a
model very valid commercially speaking.

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