Cheetah Race Transporter: the story of brother bastard of the Mercedes “Blue Wonder”

Cheetah Race Transporter: the story of brother bastard of the Mercedes “Blue Wonder”
4 years ago

Cheetah Race Transporter: the story of brother bastard of the Mercedes “Blue Wonder”

In the 50’s Mercedes amazed the world with his fantastic “Blue Wonder”. Also known as the Renntransporter of Uhlenhaut, was a hybrid between a car and a truck, created for transport to high-speed racing cars in the Great european Awards. A wonder whose engine was the same as that of the Mercedes 300 SL. We have dedicated an article to the bottom of this Mercedes, and it is time to transfer the leadership to the fantastic Cheetah Race Transporter, which very well could be considered his brother’s bastard.

The Cheetah Race Transporter is a copy u.s. of the Renntransporter Mercedes-Benz.

Ran the last 50 years, and in the U.S. they heard about the Renntransporter Mercedes. They did not want to stay behind, and in the distant year of 1961, mr. Norm Holtkamp began the construction of the Cheetah Race Transporter. The philosophy of this ex-head of team and racer of Midget Car Racing – racing on oval circuits with small cars racing – it was very similar to that of the Renntransporter German. I wanted to build a copy american, even more quickly, and sell it to other teams for competition.

Norm Holtkamp broke the chassis of a Mercedes 300 injured – identical base to the Renntransporter – and she was snapping various bits of body and bits of other cars. Lengthened the chassis of the Mercedes, and retained both both axes as your rear differential. Your adjustable suspension was Porsche, with the idea of being able to regulate its height manually. Instead of power German, Norm opted for the V8 engine of 4.6 liters of a Chevrolet Corvette, which is also docked his gearbox three relationships.

With about 300 HP of power, Norm wanted to get a top speed of around 200 km/h, higher than 180-190 km/h of maximum speed estimated for the Renntransporter. To his cabin two-seater, bought directly to General Motors, the cabin of a Chevrolet El Camino – tourism, pick-up – while the front and parts of her behind were removed from a Chevrolet Corvair. Many items were handmade, as well as aluminum ramps on which you could load a lightweight car for competition.

The result was an elegant machine that Norm I wanted to produce and sell in series for about $ 16,000 of the time. An authentic fortune, taking into account that a conventional car costing one-sixth by that time. No one wanted to acquire more Cheetah, so the project was in its prototype stage. It had even come to plan a version carenada to transport at high speed. Just got in another sketch of paints futuristic, in line with the unique Cheetah produced.

What happened to the Cheetah?

The Cheetah Race Transporter still exists, and is in the process of restoration.

The Cheetah was used for three years to transport racing cars, as for example the lightweight Lotus broker’s Jack McAfee in 1961. Norm sold the car to Dean Moon, a well-known manufacturer of parts for hot-rodding, at the beginning of the years 70. The car was modified gradually and in 1971, I was in a workshop in california where we were installing disc brakes. An earthquake collapsed the building, but luckily the car survived almost intact. This workshop was the workshop of Hurst, another well-known manufacturer of parts for hot rods.

even Though the car was not damaged, the conversion to disc brakes was not done and the car is not returned to be used on the road. It remained stored in a garage and since just a few years ago, was sold to a few collectors. Its last owner, is such a Geoff Hacker, which since 2006 is gathering information about this vehicle with the object you document it to the fullest. The car is being gradually restored, and perhaps in the future I look to your original quality. Let us not be lost in time.

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