Borgward built a factory in Bremen to start your activity

Borgward built a factory in Bremen to start your activity
5 years ago

Borgward built a factory in Bremen to start your activity

For those not in the know, the German Borgward was the third largest manufacturer of cars in your country. However, the company went bankrupt in 1961 and passed into oblivion, as the successors of Carl F. W. Borgward left in stand by until we learned that it would present a model at the Geneva motor show last year. For the occasion led to a model that is far from what the brand manufactured in his day and is more about the current trends.

At the Geneva motor show presented the way everything BX7. This model joins to the fashion of the SUV means premium and helps them to be placed in a market segment that brings together many sales. As we can see the model, it has design features that will resemble the model on which it is based, needless to say what, but the reborn firm has managed to give a new touch to resemble more of what in its day was Borgward.

however, the news brings us to another part of the brand. These days the German firm, financed thanks to its chinese partner SAIC, has announced that it will build a factory in the outskirts of the city of Bremen. With this plant you want to start your journey in the European market since China is selling the BX7 since June of this year. However want to have a factory on european soil to avoid the costs of bringing the models from China and also to that its premium image will not be affected for the provenance of their models.

This plant will have a production capacity initial 10,000 units per yearor. However since its development it has been thought in the flexibility because it is designed to adapt its productive capacity to the needs of the market. His extension will be approximately 10,000 square feet and will be located close to suppliers as important as Bosch or Mercedes-Benz.

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