BMW Series 1 2019: the first spy photos of the new generation of the 1 Series, current
3 years ago

BMW Series 1 2019: the first spy photos of the new generation of the 1 Series, current

Photo spy of the new BMW 1-Series 2019, the new generation of the model currently available in the market.

Since the beginning of last month of April, we have been publishing different information about the rival of BMW for the Audi A1. As we know, the brand is working on a new model of segment B that is positioned as an alternative to the proposal that currently has the signature of the four rings. If the information that we currently hold are right, will use the designation BMW 1 Series once it reaches the market.

But then, what will happen with the BMW 1-Series today? Will still be available in the range of BMW, but will be integrated within the family of Series 2 as the alternative with body hatchback. However, and while this is confirmed, we may use a simile to differentiate so clearly and quickly both models are in development. The rival of BMW for the Audi A1 can be baptized temporarily as a Number 0 while the 1-Series that we find in the dealerships, we will continue calling it so.

Made this clarification, as you have read in the headline of this article, we bring you the first spy photos that we have gotten from the new generation of the BMW 1 Series, current. The BMW engineers are already working at full performance in the next 1-Series, and these photographs prove that. Taken in Germany, we find a unit that features a camouflage very important.

Comparison of size between the BMW 1-Series 2019 (top) and the BMW Serial 0 (bottom).

The new BMW 1 Series 2019 will change from platform and will take the arquitectura UKL front-wheel-drive already used in some models of the own BMW or MINI. Recall that the current model is rear-wheel-drive. Also slightly increased their size to differentiate the new model of segment B which will hit the market and so prevent them from arañarse sales between them.

As we can see in the image comparison that accompanies this article, you can see clearly the size difference between the new Series 0 and the new generation of Series 1. And we have to take into account that all of the camouflage that incorporate both units, so that a priori the feeling of having less of a difference between them. In any case, both vehicles will have a different approach.

Another of the improvements that will come accompanied by a change of platform is that the new BMW 1-Series 2019 will have a passenger compartment more spacious and a trunk wider. The unit taken by our photographers spy is adorned with the package M Performance. All indications are that the new generation will not have a version of BMW M1 pure.

The new BMW 1-Series 2019 will adopt the platform UKL.

range of engines for the new BMW 1-Series shall consist of options, diesel and gasoline. Additionally, with the architecture UKL will be prepared for the addition of a hybrid variant plug-in if you want the brand.

with regards to your launch, is expected to be around the year 2019. It is still too early to give a date more concrete, so we’ll have to wait.

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