BMW M3 e30: the legend begins

BMW M3 e30: the legend begins
5 years ago

BMW M3 e30: the legend begins

The BMW M3 was born almost by chance. And we do not speak of doors to the inside, where BMW M has already had merits with other cars of competition, but because to be able both to participate in the Group, that was their goal, they had to build 5000 units at least.

the development of The engine was performed in two weeks, the base would be a four-cylinder engine and 2.0 liters of displacement, because they wanted to save the most weight possible.

BMW M3 e30 (1985-1992)

BMW M3 e30 Coupe 1985

Precisely, because of the demands of can be used daily, Paul Rosche, the technical manager of BMW Motorsport GmbH had to give up the turbo power, a technology more common today.

With 200 HP, the features they offered were of first level

The first appearance of the car at the iaa in Frankfurt in 1985, but it was not until 1986 when they were able to test the first units; there were still a few turns of the screw in the tuning up of their presentation at the Mugello Circuit (Italy).

once submitted, the reactions were very positive as to the day of today indicate to us who have had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the first BMW M3 in history. 230km/h top speed that the version with a catalytic converter last, and only 5km/h over the maximum for the version without catalyst.

The engine of the BMW M3 e30 was generating 200 HP

Far away from the target of 5,000 units that had to meet, BMW sold 17.970 of the first BMW M3 until the end of 1991. By then they had also entered the scene the body Cabrio (786 units) and the versions of Evolution (501 units) and Sport Evolution (600 units).

The propeller of the BMW M3 was of 2,302 cc 200 HP. It accelerated from 0-100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and topped out at 235 km/h of maximum without catalyst. The maximum torque was 240 Nm, and its empty weight (DIN) was 1,200 kg, very lightweight.

there Were several versions that deserve a mention, but the most important and relevant reference to the most radical: The BMW M3 Evolution, and the BMW M3 Sport Evolution.

BMW M3 e30 1985
Power 220 HP
0-100 km/h 6.7 seconds
maximum Torque 240 Nm
V. maximum 235 km/h
Weight 1,200 kg

BMW M3 Evolution, with 220 HP

BMW M3 Evolution it was built to be built according to new requirements of the approval. He rode a motor with 220 HP (215 with catalyst) and aesthetic elements with their own identity. The BMW M3 Evolution there was a special version that homenajeaba the pilot venezuelan Johnny Cecotto.

BMW M3 Sport Evolution was marketed between 1989 and 1990 during a short period of time with an engine of 2500 cc (compared to the 2,300 cc of conventional versions) and had 238 HP. The front skirt and the rear spoiler was adjustable in three positions and among other differences, the grilles were unique and the wheel arches were modified to be able to mount some new tires of more inches.

As it was a racing car the fuel tank was of smaller capacity; 8 litre of concrete. Technically it was better because it looked to reduce the weight through to the details and will only be marketed in two colors: Red Misano and Black Jet.

The M3 e30 in the Circuit of Jarama

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