Audi reveals its plans for 2020 and confirms the Q2
3 years ago

Audi reveals its plans for 2020 and confirms the Q2

Recreation digital Audi Q2

Audi continues with their ambitions to be the manufacturer’s Premium best selling in the world, a title it holds on this time BMW. Last year the brand of propellers sold 1.811.719 units, the hoops 1.741.000 and the star, Mercedes, 1.650.010. The differences are rounding.

In reality, the announced plans are for the coming year, but in the horizon 2020 will be 60 models, a range of very comprehensive and extensive. The company is very focused on the future, even if they are not going to spend with the same joy.

, Volkswagen AG still does not know when money is going to dissipate in penalties, compensation to customers, payment of taxes, costs of call review to more than 10 million cars, etc That has limited a bit the amount of money aimed at r & D, one of the most colossal in the world of the automobile.

Audi Q2 in tests of winter – Photo: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

New models

How not, to grow there to reach new customers, or provide more arguments to the existing ones to stay in the brand. it Is confirmed the new Audi Q2 for the coming year. This model will be positioned below the Q3, to compete in the B-segment-SUV.

In the second place, confirms the the generational replacement of the Audi Q5, one of their flagship models. The current generation (8R) was launched to the market in 2008. Have not been provided neither data nor photos on the new Qx, for which we will have to wait a few months.

For 2018 will be ready the the first electric model of large-scale production Audi based on the Audi e-tron Quattro concept. The prototype in question is an SUV, all-electric, shown at the Frankfurt show of the year that leaves. The philosophy Tesla has permeated the German manufacturer.

Audi e-tron Quattro concept

smart Saving

more than 3,000 million euros have as aim to strengthen the position of the brand, but also to obtain a higher yield of such an investment. It is a soft way to say that to cut costs, each new investment will be carefully analyzed.

One of the consequences of these optimizations is to delay one more year the construction of a new wind tunnel, a fundamental structure to improve the aerodynamics of the cars and make them more efficient.

Of the large sum, 1,500 million euros are going to stop at the German plants in Ingolstadt and based in neckarsulm, which can give us clues as to where they are going to be built in the new SUV. It is a lot of money to release it in a single year.

With the new technologies

The brand continue to hire experts in technology in order not to lose the train to the future, want to continue to be “at the forefront of technology” (in German, “Vorsprung durch Technik”). Suffice it to cite the recent partial acquisition of HERE by 850 million euros, a provider of digital maps and services to geo-located.

concerns of Audi in the medium term are computer systems, connectivity, optimization of factories, improvements in mobility, lightweight construction, and propulsion systems alternative.

All that experience and knowledge will be made clear in the new models. The speed at which they evolve the car has accelerated dramatically. I still remember an Audi A4 Avant from the press that, in the 2006, it was still cassette. Has not passed so much time…

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