Audi Q2: the concept of SUV is dynamic and sporty that will revolutionize its segment
4 years ago

Audi Q2: the concept of SUV is dynamic and sporty that will revolutionize its segment

The new Audi Q2 represents a revolution in the SUV segment.

The new Audi Q2 is called to be an authentic revolution in the SUV segment. The new member of the family SUV from Audi offers us the possibility to combine many concepts in one vehicle to have in our garage for a model capable of handling all kinds of you walk while it is a perfect choice as car of the journal. The versatility is one of its great virtues.

A model impossible to label. In a technological world in
which we try to define every aspect of our lives using tags in
social networks,
the new Audi Q2
a breaking concept and
inetiquetable: #untaggable
. What is an SUV? What a sporty? What coupe? The brand of
the four rings already warns us that the best is impossible to define.

#untaggable, The new Audi Q2 is inetiquetable

In its design, Audi part of the basis of different concepts that, when combined, create a cocktail groundbreaking and different. The new Audi Q2 shows the features of a sport the couple that has a stylized image and urban. On the other hand, its compact dimensions allow move with ease in the great cities of cement and concrete where the high traffic and traffic jams are the order of the day.

Its design breaks all the schemes due to the fusion of different concepts.

If we analyze with magnifying glass the exterior design of the Audi Q2 we realize the different features introduced by the brand in order to differentiate itself from its “big brother”, the Audi Q3. Compact, energetic, dynamic and sporty, on its arrival at dealerships Spanish and european the new Q2 looking to make a new trend within the segment. Make No mistake, we are not faced with an SUV to be driven only in city, (mechanical allow you to make the field and the mountain your second home.

¿And what is inside it? If we take a walk through the interior of new Q2, we will find a functional interior, elegant and configurable to make it as individual as we wish. This is one of the SUV of the range Q-Audi rather than a greater number of customization options it offers in its configurator. As we have already mentioned when we have had the opportunity to do a test of the Audi Q2, the space is very well taken advantage of.

it Is for this reason that we find another of the virtues of the new SUV German. To their compact dimensions, we must add the fact that the cockpit offers a space well exploited with a few places front very spacious, and a rear in which adult passengers can travel in total comfort. Along with this we have the fact that your trunk cubic 405 litres (expandable up to 1.050 litres if you folded down the rear seats).

the interior of The Audi Q2 surprises us because of how well it is taken advantage of the space.

A mechanical efficiency as a letter of presentation

The concepts “dynamism” and “efficiency” are not contradictory in the new Audi Q2. The new SUV of the brand of the four rings arrives at dealerships Spanish with an offer mechanics more interesting. A range of engines consists of six options divided equally between blocks of gasoline and diesel fuel.

All of them can be associated to a manual gearbox of six speeds or the dual-clutch transmission S Tronic seven relationships. In addition, to this we must add the possibility of configuring the all-wheel drive quattro. We are before a vehicle is able to function seamlessly on and off the road.

A curiosity that makes the new Audi Q2 SUV even more unique is that in its range of engines, which as we say is made up of six blocks, each engine has its respective version in petrol or diesel with the same power. The range of powers offered by Audi is the following: 116 HP, 150 HP and 190 HP. And each one of them we have two options available, one diesel and the other gasoline.

The new Audi Q2 is perfectly combines sportiness and dynamism.

Engine Fuel Power Maximum Torque
1.6 TDI Diesel 116 HP 250 Nm
1.0 TFSI Gasoline 116 HP 200 Nm
2.0 TDI Diesel 150 HP 340 Nm
1.4 TFSI Gasoline 150 HP 250 Nm
2.0 TDI Diesel 190 HP 400 Nm
2.0 TFSI Gasoline 190 HP 320 Nm

The possibility of being able to opt for either of these two
fuels without having to give up a few extra horses allow the Q2
the perfect combination of
behavior efficient
in conditions day-to-day, together with a
performance very superior to the average for the segment.

#SUV, #quattro #coupe #Sportscar… The new Audi Q2 is inetiquetable. #untaggable

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