Audi A4 and A4 Avant, what is the difference between?
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Audi A4 and A4 Avant, what is the difference between?

¿what are the differences between the Audi A4 and Audi A4 Avant? The Audi A4 is the last of the sedans average premium of the German trio to renew itself and that gives it a slight advantage with respect to its competitors. From a little over two months this spectacular model is for sale in the market in two formats: saloon four-door and family Avant of five. We know the differences between both outside and inside.

The sedan is more economical, but the family practice First, let’s talk about what they have in common. Both share a myriad of elements. The exterior is almost traced from the front to the end of the rear doors, being different the back. They offer exactly the same combinations of engines, transmissions and technology and equipment, although in this last section the family version benefits from some exclusive extras focused to provide us with the transport of the load, and family life.

In both we find the latest technology of Audi as the headlights Matrix LED, the spectacular dashboard fully digital Virtual Cockpit, the high connectivity without wires or the wizard of efficiency predictive that uses GPS data to anticipate what lies ahead in the road and anticipate the needs of the operation of the engine.

In the behind is the place where are concentrated the most pronounced differences. It has a the great gate to facilitate the loading of bulky objects whose mouth opening measured a metre wide with the base aluminium cover to protect it from scratches. The optical shows a design slightly modified but identifiable as a member of the family of the Audi A4 and of course the ceiling remains higher until you end up in a sport spoiler, innate characteristic of the variants Avant from Audi.

The actions of both bodies are nearly traced, except that the Avant is 7 mm high. The space for the passengers of the squares later is superior in the Avant, in particular feature 18 mm additional height, the space used for the shoulders and the measures for the squares in front are the same.

Without a doubt, the main feature of the A4 Avant is your superior ability to transport objects. The trunk of the body family, and 85 litres extra capacity (565 litres) with both rows of seats practicable, these seats can be folded in a position 40-20-40 to expand the capacity of load up to the 1.510 liters. In addition to the height up to the mouth of load is 630 mm, 14 mm less than in the sedan. All this with a surface of the cargo area homogeneous, which facilitates the sorting of the lumps in your interior.

The front of both is identical

it Is clear that the body Avant is more practical, but we must keep in mind that it always remains slightly behind the sedan in terms of performance and consumption are concerned. Do not be afraid, the differences are not abysmal: in general terms is 0.2 seconds slower in the 0 to 100 km/h and approvals 0.2 litres more in the figure of average consumption. This is due to the fact that of half the body-Avant is a few 50 kg heavier than the sedan.

In terms of the price, also resulta something more expensive. Earlier you offered the list price of the new Audi A4 2016 for Spain, and in it we can observe that the versions of Avant that are approximately between 2,100 and 2,500 euros more expensive according to versions.

Audi A4 Saloon four-door or a family of five

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