Are you the new Renault Mégane RS 2016 300 HP?

Are you the new Renault Mégane RS 2016 300 HP?
5 years ago

Are you the new Renault Mégane RS 2016 300 HP?

The images that you are seeing on the screen could correspond to the new Renault Mégane RS 2016. Have been leaked to the Internet in a French group of Facebook called “MéganeRSF”. First of all, it is necessary to take these images with a certain degree of skepticism, there is some possibility that they are renders, not official. That is, are consistent with the existing style codes of Renault and anticipate a final product in the lines of what is expected. So, let’s see how will the new Renault Mégane RS.

Will be the Renault production faster and more powerful ever produced. There is nothing.

Aesthetically, it retains the classic yellow-gold color of its predecessor, and a body kit that differentiates it sufficiently from the versions of GT, until now with 205 HP the more powerful of the range. The differences of aesthetic focus in the aggressiveness of this aerodynamic kit. Take a look at their skirts, close to the ground and carved. In the front, a lower lip color plated underlines his stamp visual, while in the calender appear the initials RS. No surprises, it is quite frankly what we could expect from Renault.

A spoiler on top of the bodywork of five doors – as you already know, Renault is not going to make a Mégane three-door in this generation. We can also appreciate a few flared wheel arches, that allow us to see that this Renault Mégane RS saves a significant reserve of muscle in your gut. In the behind itself that there are no surprises. A huge exhaust in the center with two outputs twin adorns the lower part of the car, stuffed into what looks like a diffuser functional. It seems pretty necessary, considering that you could have 300 HP.

Not yet date of official presentation of the Mégane RS 2016, but I would dare to venture, Geneva.

All the power emanates of a new engine is a 1.8 turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. It is the same engine that will mount the first Alpine of production of the Century XXI, although this mounts in the center position-rear and with the option to lower power. This 1.8 Tec would develop whopping 300 HP, which would be channeled only to the front axle. We also don’t know what gearbox you will use, although I do not like that Renault will offer the GT 205 HP with just a box of changes dual-clutch EDC. A RS should be manual.

finally, they teach us a key discrete card, with the contour of gold and a stamping in the form of a checkered flag.

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