Alongside the new BMW 6 Series with the CSI 635 film Back to the future
4 years ago

Alongside the new BMW 6 Series with the CSI 635 film Back to the future


The BMW 635 CSI with conversion to flying car driven by Griff Tannen in the second part of Back to the Future was photographed by BMW on BMW M6 current.


L a saga Back to the Future starring Robert Zemeckis Michael J. Fox not only made famous by De Lorean AMC, but also a curious flying convertible BMW 635 CSI, starring in a scene from the trilogy that developed in the future, which coincidentally took place in 2015. [1.99901 million]

The second part of the trilogy took place in 2015 and that was the excuse to gather both products. [1.99901 million]

Taking advantage of this situation, BMW decided to photograph this flying BMW 635 CSI led by Griff Tannen, next to the new 6 Series convertible. [1.99901 million]

The BMW 635 C [1.99902 million] YES born in the late 70s, used a straight six engine with 197 horsepower [1.99902 million] and it was a product very popular in the USA just at the time when the second part of the trilogy was shot. In that delivers cars flying and even older cars could do so thanks to a ‘conversion to flying car’.

The CSI 635 hp 197 seem just beside the 560 hp in the new BMW M6 , although to balance the product of the 1980s had a weight of 500 kg was below the current . Beyond the anecdote, the story serves to become aware of how language has changed the design BMW in the 30 years between the two models. [1.99901 million]





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