A new Škoda Fabia RS is on the way
4 years ago

A new Škoda Fabia RS is on the way

The new generation of the Škoda Fabia RS will arrive in 2020 with a mechanical hybrid. The Škoda RS will be next to the SEAT Cupra models that materialize the new strategy of electrification of the Volkswagen Group

Andhe purpose of the Volkswagen Group is selling a million vehicles, all-electric for the year 2025, although from here to that point there will be a period of transition in which will come a series of hybrid models, among which are the new generation the Škoda Fabia, that will include a sports version RS.

The manufacturer believes that customers will need some years to assimilate the advantages of electric models and hybrids will be a good strategy to try to persuade the users. The Volkswagen Group believe that the high-performance models are the ideal showcase to achieve promoting these new technologies and their brands SEAT, and Škoda will play an important role in this strategy.

Cupra is transforming to a separate branch – oriented models hybrid and electric high-performance and the first of them could arrive in 2020, under the format of a SUV hybrid coupe high-performance.

With respect to the Czech brand, the news will arrive by the side of a new Škoda Fabia RS, which will also come towards 2020 hiding under its hood a mechanical hybrid, which still do not know the details.

The arrival the vehicle is smaller than the range RS will help to enrich the offer of the family of high-performance models of the signature Czech, that in a short time, most will incorporate in addition to the off-road Karoq RS which is in full development stage.

So it will be as Cupra and RS will be responsible to support the new strategy of electrification of the Volkswagen Group, as a period of transition towards a range of vehicles purely electric in the year 2025 will have 30 different models within the German group.

The first of these new electric models as we know them under the format of a prototype: the hatchback ID, the crossover ID Crozz and the classic Kombi Volkswagen named ID Buzz.

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