2015 Hyundai Tucson proof: 7 keys to return an SUV that competes with the premium

2015 Hyundai Tucson proof: 7 keys to return an SUV that competes with the premium
3 years ago

2015 Hyundai Tucson proof: 7 keys to return an SUV that competes with the premium

The flagship and the strongest launch of Hyundai this year, Hyundai Tucson , is about to hit the market. It’s An SUV the size of a Nissan Qashqai – 4475 meters in length – with five seats which replaces the ix35 and returns a household name among lovers SUV than a decade.

replaces the Tucson ix35 Hyundai has been the best seller in Spain for a long time

We have set the wheel of this car to check if all the news that proclaims Hyundai are true, if it is true that the new platform that opens it brings improved over the ix35 dynamic, if the interior finish is a significant leap compared to its predecessor, etc. Undoubtedly the new Hyundai Tucson is Hyundai’s strong commitment in 2015 and will analyze it.

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1. Ix35 goodbye, hello Hyundai Tucson. Becomes a best seller and becomes totally European

Designed in Germany and manufactured in the Czech Republic, it is 100% European

curious that Hyundai can return to a name like Tucson after abandoning a generation – only for Europe, as the ix35 outside the old continent was called Tucson – but it makes all the sense in the world. Although the Tucson is designed for Europe is a global launch and Hyundai wants to consolidate this SUV worldwide. Wants to do desmarcándolo generalist , in all possible ways.

On the other hand we can not forget that in Spain ix35 has been a real Super sales for Hyundai , being the best selling brand for a long time ahead of the i30. Does the Tucson will also be a super sales? It is quite possible though his superior positioning can relegate it to second or third place, but represents a big jump in Hyundai that’s why its star launch for the next five years.

2. Modern but without sacrificing the classic lines of a SUV image

The Tucson is 10 cm longer than a Qashqai but his line makes it seem even smaller

If you put aside a ix35 and across the new Hyundai Tucson does not seem to have absolutely nothing to do, although the second replaces the first. The Tucson comes with an image of great car, to get at first glance you encounter a stunning car and apparent higher quality you expect . Hyundai has made the Tucson is an imposing car, thanks in large part to the large front and falling behind, and it also does not look like a coarse nor too big car.

The Tucson plays nicely with the typical aspects of SUV such as skid plates or roof bars, while maintaining aspects less SUV as the spoiler or the large surface lights occupying both the front and the back. This aspect takes a little longer to end when shims with bitonal wheels 19 “, one of the optional features, rather than more restrained wheels in 17”.

3. Inside the Tucson has nothing to do with the ix35: better quality and more widely

I remember having tried a few years ago and the ix35 inside had left a bittersweet taste, not that I had a poor quality but belonged to the previous design line Hyundai. In the Tucson they have given a twist and have gotten even if a certain deficiencies in some plastics, the interior is remarkable aspect .

I especially liked dashboard, with its classic form has a very good look . The material forming it has a nice touch and, together with seat covers, is the best of the inside of Tucson. The steering wheel, however, is wrapped in a tough leather that ends in extremely hard on the hand brake lever. It is a contrast which is aggravated in hard plastics door. Is it worse? Depends but if you like everything you touch is soft Tucson not you going to offer.

The seat fabric has a very good touch, undoubtedly one of the best aspects of the internal

Another example of a much improved appearance is the dashboard, apparently very simple with two dials and a small color display with trip computer, but very accomplished. Not to mention browser, optional in Tucson, who works with TomTom software and handles with a touch screen as 8 “.

look very carefully, not only for the quality of the finish but ergonomics is to seats. They are very comfortable and hug tightly, just like that . We have not been able to prove in a very long journey but I bet that treated very well your back. With the growth in size of the car spaces for head, shoulders and legs have also grown at no time have the feeling of missing a little more.

You can adjust the tilt of the rear seats, a very positive point.

This feature applies, of course, the rear bench. The subsequent three rear seats are comfortable and are attractive even for people with a height not look like it lacks space for knees and you will feel very close to the ceiling. It shows a lot more with the optional panoramic roof, which covers much of the back surface and allows the full opening to the vertical of the front headrests. Certainly a very interesting for those who want light in the car choice.

Another consequence of the Tucson is a substantially larger car is that trunk space is higher. You have 513 liters to carry your bags and everything you can think of, with the addition that Hyundai has enlarged the width and angle of opening of the door to make life easier. And if you want more easily you can still order the Tucson with electric gate and just close with a button.

3. City, road, highway … this SUV is for use in all situations. And off-road?

new platform and designed for the European driver chassis are the strengths that has the Hyundai Tucson to convince outstanding. Forget car Bailón Tucson is manufactured to be very comfortable on the road and have a good poise in tight curves . It is especially noticeable how to stand firm at the back, thanks to the multilink suspension, which will be appreciated three rear passengers. Adding braking capability not offered by any lack we have a very comfortable to drive.

You go to Tucson, pluck and driving as if you know of a lifetime. It is easy to adapt to it

Note that Hyundai has worked hard the appearance of driver comfort on three fundamental legs control: steering wheel, pedals and gear shift. To begin, the electric steering provides deep but without being too soft assistance, and adapting both to the movement at high speeds such as loitering. On the pedals touch is very nice, easy pressure regulating both acceleration and braking and in the manual gearbox, the clutch has a very comfortable ride. When you release the right hand to change gear you realize that this aspect is also very accomplished, the lever stroke is fairly short and all the marches come lightly.

Tucson SUV? It is not their field

I have not had the opportunity to use off-road but both full traction, which I will discuss later as its structural configuration – for example, with reduced ride height – it suggests that the Tucson should not get into complicated offroad terrain but surely you can save a temporary trouble. This will leave for the entire test, but anyway Hyundai has not usually designed to leave the road.

4. What engine? We analyze the diesel engines more will be sold: 1.7 CRDI 115 hp and 2.0 CRDI of 136 and 184 hp

None of diesel engines seems to fall short, even the 115 hp 1.7. For normal driving is enough

In Spain, much of Tucson buyers opt for diesel engines, especially by the 1.7 CRDI 115 hp . This block, well-known throughout the Hyundai range, is restrained in its maximum power output but has a development more than enough for a car like the Tucson . First and second gear will provide rapid acceleration and to fifth have much room to move comfortably. With the car a little loaded sixth gear may seem too long but it is vital to maintain consumption levels out and off on highway.

If you want a little more power but without abandoning diesel engines have the option of two liters . They can deliver 136 or 184 hp and from here you have more than enough power. If you plan on traveling with a heavy load from 136 hp you will not have any problem, but even you should wait acceleration of heart block with 184 hp. They are intended to be energetic and to deliver much par but not to run or accelerate rapidly.

With these two blocks you have the option of going to six-speed automatic transmission highly recommended if you want to forget about shifting. A super quick test I found that the jumps between gears with automatic transmission this go practically unnoticed. Like everything SUV of this size You can choose the drive 4 × 4 besides the front. This all-wheel drive works in the following way: always transmits power to the front axle, but sometimes low grip can make a deal for 50% power to each axle. And, if you want, you can force the lock 50-50 to move this relationship, for example, snowy locations.

5. The equipment of the Hyundai Tucson: active bonnet, sign recognition, automatic parking, etc.

The new Tucson can park for you, stop yourself and keep within the lane in which circulate

is not going to put that to the level of Mercedes Premium SUV highest level but the Tucson comes with new security and comfort that the ix35 did not. Among the highlights is the Active Bonnet , which is nothing more than a hood that rises slightly if it detects that just hitting a pedestrian or a cyclist, and different alerts and actions emergency to avoid accidents :

  • automatic emergency braking : if the car senses that can hit a pedestrian or a car, works with a visual alert, an audible and, only if necessary, activating the brakes until the car sineistro complete stop avoiding.
  • Lane Keeping System : as the car detects that you move from lane unintentionally (without pressing gently intermittent) will warn you and will correct by turning the steering wheel
  • .

  • detection system blind spots :
  • alerts you if something is in the blind spots of your vision as a driver, on the sides of the back.

  • Alert rear approximation of traffic Indicates whether an obstacle such as a car or a pedestrian, when you’re circulating reverse appears
  • .

has a browser with a larger screen and a generous sunroof among its new

So much for security concerns, as to comfort the highlights is the new browser GPS TomTom, which includes a touch screen 8 “in the instrument cluster, the system sign recognition , which detects all types of information speed signals for display on both the dashboard of the driver and the browser screen, and assistant automatic parking activate it , find a place to park in battery or parallel and follow the instructions accelerator and brake, turn the steering wheel only ..the car.

As for the configuration of various trim levels, the Tucson comes highly equipped from the basic version but the best amenities found in higher finishes.

  • Essence : alloy wheels 16 “grille body color, cloth seats, Bluetooth stereo, air conditioning, rear parking sensor, cruise control, sensor lights, daytime running lights LED , 6 airbags and stability control ESP .
  • Klass (a higher Essence) : alloy wheels 17 “, automatic climate control, side lights reach, front fog lights, rear lights Led
  • .

  • Techno (a greater than Klass) chrome grille, navigation with Bluetooth and touch screen 8 “front / rear parking sensor, rain sensor, monitoring dashboard, heated seats, alert involuntary change lanes, signal recognition system, Intelligent Key, electric handbrake (only automatic) and electro chromatic interior mirror + compass.
  • Style (to greater the Techno) seats heated / ventilated leather and electrically adjustable (front) system, blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, automatic tailgate opening, electrically operated sunroof , automatic parking system (only for automatic versions).

6. 2015 Hyundai Tucson prices: from 23,590 euros

The Hyundai Tucson right now you can go for about 20,900 euros

The PVP base of the Hyundai Tucson, version 1.6 GDI 131 hp 4 × 2 Essence, is 23,590 euros, while the most expensive is the 2.0 Tucson CRDI 184 hp 4 × 4 Automatic Style by € 41,990. Possibly the Tucson with 1.7 diesel 115 hp engine with front-wheel drive, manual and Klass finish is one of the most sold and currently has a PVP of 27,240 euros.

At these prices have to dock the one launch campaign of 2,690 € including 1,190 euros and 1,500 euros promotion plan PIVE .



Model Price
Tucson 5P GDI 1 .6 131CV BD ESSENCE 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 23,590 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 1 0.7 115CV BD ESSENCE 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 25,540 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P GDI 1 .6 131CV BD KLASS 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 25,290 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 1 0.7 115CV BD KLASS 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 27,240 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 136HP BD KLASS 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 28,940 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P GDI 1 .6 131CV BD TECNO 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 27,590 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 1 0.7 115CV BD TECNO 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 29,540 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 136HP BD TECNO 4X2 [1.99927 million]

€ 31,240 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 136HP 4X4 TECNO [1.99927 million]

€ 33,340 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 136HP 4X4 AT TECNO [1.99927 million]

€ 35,540 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P TGDI 1 .6 176CV 4X4 DT STYLE [1.99927 million]

€ 38,440 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 136HP 4X4 STYLE [1.99927 million]

€ 37,990 [1.99927 million]
Tucson 5P CRDI 2 .0 186CV 4X4 AT STYLE [1.99927 million]

€ 41,990 [1.99927 million]

To better see the compatibilities here’s a chart that relates versions and prices.

7. The Tucson is already on sale, why choose it instead of a CX-5 or an X1?

Hyundai Tucson aims to uncheck the SUV compact uploading a ‘premium’ point and an emotional point, placing it more directly as cars like the Mazda CX-5 Alternatively, the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA rather than compete with Renault Nissan Qashqai or Kadjar. Adding makes, relative to ix35, improvements in virtually all aspects, especially those perceived quality and technology is concerned.

So if you want that point quality, which also could find in a CX-5 or X1, plus the number of extra amenities and you like the philosophy of Hyundai, the Tucson can be a good car for you.

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