10 cars neoclassical to call the attention
6 years ago

10 cars neoclassical to call the attention

fashion they come and go so quickly that sometimes we are not aware of them. What is now carries, which today is the trend tomorrow, it may have fallen out of date. In this way, as you are taking at this moment a Gyn and Tonic prepared with many spices that looks more like a soup than a drink with alcohol, tomorrow you can hate drinks with tonic.

automobile market, of course, also follow tastes, although once in a while in your design rescues fashions past. Therefore, in the same way that you can kick to the shoulder a purse “retro”, you can hop on to a car that, despite having been produced in this century or shortly before the beginning of the same, follows patterns, tastes and fashions past. Let’s take a look at some of the cars neo-classics a most peculiar which have been created. Whatever, to call the attention.

Chrysler Prowler

One of the leading representatives of neoclassicism in the automotive industry came in 1997 from the hand of one of the companies most important american market. It was the Chrysler Prowler, also known as a Plymouth Prowler, and was available until 2002, although in 1998, a unit was produced. Their particular design made him famous, and it is you who doesn’t remember those front wheel inspired by the cars. According to they count, the designers sought to create a Hot Rod. He rode a V6 engine of 3.5 liters, which developed the 214-horsepower, a heart that years later he was evolved up to 253 HP. Only brought to production 11.702 units.

Chevrolet HHR

Chevrolet also remembered with a longing for times past, for this reason, in 2005, they on sale Chevrolet HHR in the united States, a minivan that I called attention to where it went. In 2009, he arrived to our continent, being difficult to not look like the Chrysler PT Cruiser. With about 4.4 meters in length, its standard equipment was actually full, with modern accessories and high quality combined with an external retro that, according to the brand, was inspired by the Suburban of 1949. The range mechanics was composed by a single engine, a gasoline 2.4-liter developing 170 horsepower.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

If you are a lover of the two wheels, but we also like to have fun with the cars, perhaps the mid-point is the Morgan 3 Wheeler. His small body teaches only the three wheels and they move thanks to a V2 engine with 114 horsepower. This Morgan achieved a maximum speed of 200 km/h and the sensations that it causes in the driver are difficult to find in another model. And is that, in addition to being of propulsion, the ground it travels very close to you. The same Arbeloa was presented at Valdebebas a few months ago mounted on a drive of the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

I play all my savings, don’t expect much, that another model that you will come to the mind if you wonder why cars neo-classics will be the Chrysler PT Cruiser. This model ceased production of the world in 2011 follow the patterns of his brother, the Prowler, albeit with less extravagance. Except for touch-ups, its image remained intact each of the years it was on sale. Unlike the Prowler, the client responded by selling a total of 1.37 million units. The acronym PT responded to the platform that gave life to this body half minivan, half hatchback, and the initials “Personal Transporter”.

Mitsuoka Viewt

If there is a company known for its designs retro, that is Mitsuoka. We stay with several examples of models with neoclassical have come out of this company, although for this special occasion we have chosen the Mitsuoka Viewt. According to mark it is as if metiéramos in a container with a Jaguar Mk II 60 a Nissan Micra, yes, don’t expect to be able to relate intimately with these names that we have mentioned. Born in 2012, and under the arm was brought by a 1.2-liter engine with 80 horsepower. Actually the first Viewt landed in 1993 and, like the modern version, was inspired by the small japanese.

Caterham Seven

This work out of the hands of Caterham is the most current that you can find, but its design, as with the rest of the list, remember to times past. It is all a lord English that combines class with a sporty feel, focusing really on the second. One of the more interesting versions of the Caterham Seven is the 270, which uses an engine signed by Ford’s 1.6-liter capable of developing 135 HP. The design was created by Colin Chapman more than fifty years ago, during which time it has not ceased to seduce any lover of the four wheels.

Excalibur SSP Phaethon

One of the manufacturers craft with more recognition in the united States is Excalibur. And is that, in spite of that not sound like too much of what we are counting, this brand came to be the fourth largest manufacturer of american cars. This model, belonging to the Series IV was born in 1980 with the same desires, fall in love with the client and with the air of yesteryear, and a quality without discussion. Also, its retro design, you had to add a source engine General Motors 5.700 cc. In these more than 50 years the production of Excalibur does not pass of 4,000 units.

Zimmer Golden Spirit

Originally, the company Zimmer Motors Corporation was born thanks to a drawing by Paul H. Zimmer, the founder of the same, made to him in the back of a napkin to his son. The first model to reach production was the Zimmer Golden Spirit, becoming the highest representative of the company. In its ten years of life came to be manufactured 1,500 units of the Golden Spirit, getting the signature facturara about $ 25 million per year. After him came the Quicksilver, which ended its production with the first in 1988, coinciding with the decline of the company.

Wiesmann Roadster MF5

This constructor craft has also left great works in the world of the neo-classical, such as this one that we leave. Just 55 units is made of Wiesmann Roadster MF5, and their design of a convertible, as not, mixed classic elements with current accessories. Presented in 2009 at the iaa in Frankfurt, an event where the company was live with one of their models, the GT MF4. Under the body of the MF5 was hiding a V10 engine of 5.0 liters that developed 507 HP, characteristics that sound right? Yes, it was the same engine used in the M5 and M6 of the time.

Delahaye USA Bella Figura

Other of the large firms hire neoclassical in the united States who fell in love in the time of 70’s to a good handful of movie stars is Delahaye USA. Among their models we can emphasize the Delahaye USA Bella Figura, work with your design homenajeaba the Bugatti Type 57S and that presented in the 2011 edition of Pebble Beach. Displayed then was a prototype almost finished, which sought to call the attention of the customers to start receiving orders. Series mounted a engine LSA 6.2 V8 556 HP source Corvette, although it could also mount other mechanical.

Although not included in this list, we can think of several models that we are tired of seeing and reminiscent of past times. In this way, the Volkswagen Beetle has elements of the popular beetle, the Dodge Challenger is true to its design from days gone by or even the Porsche 911 keeps the same philosophy of the first nueveonce, 1964. We can not leave without saying goodbye to the Mini, a model that despite having a few measures each generation is less “minis”, it respects the aesthetic that made him famous.

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